Blackbuster critic compares Forza 5 against its predesesors.

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User Info: ILikesCheese

4 years ago#21
ILikesCheese posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Whoops. I was thinking of another Youtuber with a similar name. This guy is kinda entertaining actually. Always helps to click on the link before shooting off at the mouth first I guess. :)
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User Info: Muryo

4 years ago#23
Exodus_Prime posted...
InjusticeReborn posted...
Dr Whoopass posted...
I'm terrified that his eyebrows and mustache appear to match


I know this isn't the first time this person has been brought to our attention (2nd time now?), but once again, people only become relevant when it's a negative towards anything Xbox One.

So many things could be said/asked about this person, but it isn't worth the trouble.

I sit and wait, excited, for when he makes a new video and you post it. /sarcasm <- added just in case.

I think it's about the fourth time this dude's channel gets posted on here, and it' by the same two tards Muryo and Liquid (Sony cheerleader) Pain.

Translation: If you can't refute the truth, insult and try to discredit the posters who brought the info.
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User Info: embrandedone

4 years ago#24
Forgot about the weather. -- The Xbox One Board

User Info: ProfanaT

4 years ago#25
The Auction House corrupts the game economy -don't really care that it's gone.

Weather? People online can barely drive in the daylight, I don't want to get wrecked in the first turn because they can't see it.

14 tracks and 200+ cars -Not sure if that's a starting number or total forever because the previous titles launched with a base amount of cars that built up over time. Not to mention licensing agreements on particular manufacturers and cars available in game. Same for tracks.

If Forza is the COD of racing, what's Gran Turismo? or Need For Speed?

Lastly, Day One download... How many people have zero internet access that can afford an X1 and Forza5?

It's first release on next gen... IF you ever played anything from the first release 360 era -NCAA was severely watered down. As were many titles that first opened the 360s library.

Everyone that I know that's played Forza 5 on that X1 tour has said nothing but incredible things about it. So it comes with less stuff, at least it will be good stuff and play great. I'd rather have that than a MASSIVE library of content that glitches and infuriates me.

Not sure why I'm even contending you, you're just going to make fart noises and say I'm wrong.
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User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#26
squarex8264 posted...
Wow, I never heard of whoever that person was, but that was just really annoying to listen to. I made it about a minute in before I closed it....

Felt like one of those FOX News segments where the person just tries to do a whole bunch of fear-mongering to get your attention...
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User Info: MasteroftheArts

4 years ago#27
LICKWIDPAlN posted...
BBC may be hyperbolic but all his points are backed up with straight facts. That's why he wrecks every Xbot he debates with.

No they're not. He's actually one of the more clueless gaming vloggers on youtube. The reason he "wins" debates is because he picks random stooges from his comments section and his twitter to debate with; some of which have said in private that they didn't know much about the systems. I consistently make comments refuting every stupid assertion he vomits out to his fanboys who lap it up like good mindless drones. I've repeatedly responded directly to him to debate. Nothing. I'll quite confident that I'd demolish him. With that said, I have to admit that he doesn't engage in much FUD. I guess he leaves that up to ReviewTechUSA.

But let's remember who we're talking about here. This is a guy who can't understand that definition does not equal graphics. He honestly told me that because a game is in 720p, it automatically makes it look worse than a game in 1080p. In caps, no less. Needless to say, when I compared WindWaker HD to Crysis 3 fully Maxed because they both happen to be displayable in 1080p, he went mysteriously quiet; probably because the argument is completely asinine.

Further, he conflates quantity with quality by claiming that because Forza 5 is only shipping with 200+ cars, then it's worse than the previous incarnations, which is ridiculous. One could easily make the counter-claim that Turn 10 spent far more time ensuring that those 200+ cars are far greater in quality than the 500+ in Forza 4. In fact, considering the amount of polish on Forza 4, that seems quite likely to be the case. He makes the same argument by arguing that KI only releasing with 8 fighters means that the game is a ripoff, making the same quality=quantity fallacy, completely missing the point that you can buy characters individually (although admittedly at a worse rate), and apparently being oblivious to the fact that the franchise as a whole has only had around 15 characters to choose from. He seems to know nothing about KI and what made it great. Among other things, the fact that each character was so distinct from one another which is why there were only around 15 to choose from total. Any more and you'd likely start recycling archetypes. Comparing KI to high roster fighters like Tekken is foolish.

Further, the argument that Forza 5 doesn't utilize the cloud is just categorically false, it manages the drivatars in real time. So basically, he's just angry because it doesn't do what he wants it to do in addition to managing driver AI, namely something as inconsequential as night driving. I think it's particularly funny because his chart admits that night driving was only present in two of the past 5 games, the original and Horizon which is a spinoff title. He's also wrong about Forza 5 being released as incomplete. The game will be 100% complete at release. He's just creating an arbitrary criterion that it has to all be on the disc for no reason. The reason he thinks this is a negative for the game is because it requires you to download the patch to get the drivatars, tracks, and cars. Of course you have to download the Xbox One's Day One Patch to play any game period, which makes this criticism... you guessed it, completely moot.

I could go on and on and on about how terrible of a commentator he is. He's a loudmouth that has managed to amass a following by acting crazy on camera. It's a tactic somewhat similar to let's players like Pewdiepie, and how appropriate.
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User Info: embrandedone

4 years ago#28
The man needs his own themesong -- The Xbox One Board
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