NFS Rivals PS4/X1 comparison video

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User Info: Dev0311

4 years ago#21
leathelj posted...
Dev0311 posted...
ElPolloDiablo87 posted...
Why do you think that would matter Dev? They're both native 1080p, 30fps.

Due to PS4's objectively superior hardware, it'll likely run superior versions of multiplats across the board. Resolution and framerate may be the same, but there's probably extra/better subtle details in the PS4 version that are more obvious on a 1080p TV.

wow your desperately grasping here sony is not paying(are they) there is no difference no matter what either on 180p tv or no 1080p tv there is no difference get over yourself stop with this console war bs go play your ps4 go to the ps4 board never return here.

You mad? What do you expect, that the Xbone version be superior? Lol.

Of course there's gonna be some differences somewhere. Hello?? 2 ports are never absolutely identical. There's always gonna be some subtle differences. Never seen a PS3/360 comparison? This time around though it's obvious that the PS4 is technically above the Xbone.
Take One look at the resolution and walk away...

User Info: knightimex

4 years ago#22
With IGN's s*** video player it's difficult to distinguish a gameboy game from a ps4 title.
I'm a Nintendo fanboy Sony pony, who owned an Xbox 360 7th gen, prefers ps4 over wii u,Likes grfx, trolls pc master race, Put that in your pipe, & smoke it!
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