Why isn't Ryse getting more hype?

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User Info: Sakurafanboy

3 years ago#1
I'll admit it doesn't look anything like GOTY material but from what I've seen, it looks fun enough. I don't get why its not getting more hype. Its one of the games that really, to me, makes the Xbox One look really good.
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User Info: RebelGameMaster

3 years ago#2
Press Xbox, box, box, box...720 times.
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User Info: REAL_kielbasa

3 years ago#3
The gameplay looks amazingly simplistic and mindless. And early hands on impressions have been lackluster.
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User Info: aya469

3 years ago#4
Because to me it looks bland and uninspired. To be honest, I was more excited for it when it was a first person kinect title. Then factor in that quite a number of game sites have said less than favorable things about it more or less confirming my suspicions and that's why.

With titles like Forza 5, Titanfall, and Project Spark looking amazing, Ryse, in my opinion would be a title that would garner little to no attention if it was released 2-3 years into a generation with a wealth of titles to choose from so why should I pay it any attention now?
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User Info: Mmaguy

3 years ago#5
It's getting a lot of hype, actually. It has roughly 100k pre-orders which is great for a new IP on a new console with a new user-base. It's been getting a lot of media hype as well on many websites, and many people are coming away from playing demos of it impressed (check out all of the "my XBO tour impressions!" running around the internet.

The game is looking really solid and will be received a lot better than some think, I believe.

User Info: FMercury12

3 years ago#6
Hard to hype new IPs

User Info: Pulp

3 years ago#7
Looks boring to me. /shrug
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User Info: zephirraines

3 years ago#8
I have no interest in it but i find it funny that people defend GoW and Heavy Rain for having QTEs but when Ryse has some its the end of the world.

User Info: OZ_Archangel

3 years ago#9
It looks ok, but it depends if it will have any boss fights after each level and its not just swarm after swarm of enemy. Also seeing some of the executions it may get repetitive. But the biggest killer I think that hurts this game is the plot. I mean watching that trailer about the plot almost sent me to sleep, I was expecting something better.
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User Info: Datdude36

3 years ago#10
REAL_kielbasa posted...
The gameplay looks amazingly simplistic and mindless. And early hands on impressions have been lackluster.

I've been hearing that the gameplay is reminiscent of Batman Arkham series, and that has been generally received as well liked. Hopefully it turns out to be true!
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