Anybody getting both Consoles?

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User Info: ReezyKun

4 years ago#1
Anybody getting both Consoles? - Results (12 votes)
Both Consoles , Xboxone and PS4
75% (9 votes)
Just a xboxone
25% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Me I'm just getting a xbox one at launch , I might pick up a ps4 once it gets some games.

I didn't add ps4 to the poll because this is not the ps4 boards.
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User Info: DarkJaydragon

4 years ago#2
Me, PS4 first then an XB1 hopefully early next year.
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User Info: ACx7

4 years ago#4
Yeah. Xbox One now. PS4 either in the spring or whenever The Order or a Naughty Dog game comes out.

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#5
Both at launch
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User Info: Jayis_rice

4 years ago#6
PS4 has no games ,until Feb. PS4 not even launching with all of features until sometime in 2014. I'll buy a ps4 when its complete
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