Why are you not getting an Xbox One?

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User Info: ThugETH

3 years ago#21
SupaflyGibson posted...
ThugETH posted...
Because I want the most powerful console hardware for my money.

I had a 360 since launch until earlier this year and it was great until the exclusives dried up about two years ago.
I got a PS3 Super Slim this year and the value from PSPlus is outstanding, making me sign up until 2015. I want this great value to continue on the most powerful hardware which is why I chose the PS4 over the Xboner.

For the record I've bought every single console since the SNES on release day. The Xboner is the first one since then I will not be buying at launch.

You cite hardware is most important for you, then mention exclusives, and then hardware again. Which is it? You just sound like a troll trying to sound objective but failing pretty hard.

The hardware, exclusives and online services are ll equally important to me. After E3 MS lost me for nextgen and the only way I'll consider an Xbone in the future is if the Slim version isn't as ugly as the launch model and they gain a good library of exclusives.

I'm also 36, married with kids and run a pretty big gaming/tech website, I don't troll message boards!
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User Info: Coutts2

3 years ago#22
I am getting an XBone, just not at launch. I am only picking up the PS4 as I am ready for a new console in the living room it has been too long without getting one. Both launch line ups are weak, although Infamous in the old "launch window" has me very excited.
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User Info: method115

3 years ago#23
I might get one but the reason I'm not going from 360 to X1 is because of the DRM policy. That ruined it for me. Maybe Sony was going to do the same but they didn't. They also didn't fight customer tooth and nail to try and keep it.

The graphics issue a lone might have made me switch later on but this made the choice right away for me. Because of the issues with the cell processor last year I also paid a lot of attention to which system was easier to develop for. Something the gaming media was actually concerned with as well which I liked.

User Info: method115

3 years ago#24
SupaShig posted...
Same reason I'm not getting a ps4 on launch. No games and I have a 2 year old to make happy for xmas.

I'm getting a ps4 with my tax return for Infamous and MLB 14 (along with the good cross plats coming out like Destiny, The Division and Watchdogs)

XBOne, being $500 and my secondary choice, will need at least 3 must own exclusives for me to buy it.

I did the same thing with PS3 last gen. 360 at launch for cheaper so I can get all of the new gen multiplats. Didn't get a PS3 until it had enough exclusives to make it worth it to me.

People can whine and moan about the DRM and the spy camera all they want, but it really comes down to 2 things. The games and the price.

Your right but that's why the DRM does matter because if X1 would have kept the DRM in place it would have made used games more expensive. Donm't know about you but I always get my games used to:

1. Save money
2. Try the game for free and return it within seven days for any reason I want. Great for games with no downloadable demo.

User Info: BlueJester007

3 years ago#25
Trigger99X posted...
No games I'm interested in

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User Info: Gamer4e4

3 years ago#26
One reason and one reason only.


as much as I've loved the last 2 Xboxes, I refuse to buy an xbox with that vile accessory**

**I reserve the right to buy an xbox one should they release an kinect free one.

User Info: Goatthief

3 years ago#27
I don't buy ANY console at launch.
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User Info: Mr_Red_Herring

3 years ago#28
Because the "features" aka requirements are a boon to sexual predators, child molesters, hackers, assorted criminals, terrorists, and organizations willing to pay for the data collected by the Kinect including big government and other companies and nefarious individuals.

User Info: Groudon199

3 years ago#29
I'm not getting either system because neither of them have any games I'm interested in at launch (a common theme with console launches for me). Each of them have one game I'm interested in within the first year that's not Minecraft. However, I can't remember what the PS4 one was and the XB1 game is also getting a 360 release.

User Info: Viper187666

3 years ago#30
Gamer4e4 posted...
One reason and one reason only.


as much as I've loved the last 2 Xboxes, I refuse to buy an xbox with that vile accessory**

**I reserve the right to buy an xbox one should they release an kinect free one.

Damn straight. If their original policies had stayed, I would never even consider getting one. If they release one without Kinect, I'll be first in line to order it on NewEgg, even if I only buy exclusives once they drop in price.
I refuse to buy XB1 until it's sold without Kinect. No, I'm not a Sony fanboy. See? http://viper.shadowflareindustries.com/images/myroom/DSCN0220.JPG
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