Jim Sterling on the whole resolution Nonsense

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User Info: micheal82

4 years ago#11
Jim is right resolution shouldn't matter as long as the game is fun. It doesn't matter to me because in after next week I will have all three next-gen consoles and a PC that can easily run any game I want at resolutions higher then 1080p and at 120fps.
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User Info: Troll_Directory

4 years ago#12
Buburibon posted...
Troll_Directory posted...
SupaShig posted...
Can someone summarize? I can't watch the video at work.
jim sterling doesn't care about resolutions as much as gameplay (see minecraft), because a) he can currently play on a pc at higher than 1080p, and b) because he's going to own all the next-gen consoles for the exclusives. he just thinks it's fun to point and laugh at sony and ms for creating a demand for something neither is pulling off at launch.

ps4: 1080p, but unstable frame rates
xo: stable frame rates, but 720p

I completely agree with him. PC gaming is where I'll worry about resolution and frame rates, and console gaming is all about fun exclusives that aren't on PC. No matter the resolution (until 4K TVs become the norm, at which point both 720p and 1080p will be quite obsolete). Also, if the KI demo at Best Buy is any indication, 720p upscaled to 1080p on the X1 looks pretty good.
i saw the same thing last week at an ms store. forza 5 on one tv, and ki on the other. both were stunning, and proved youtube bitrates are worthless for showing next-gen gaming.

Combo626 posted...
Sounds good to me. Thanks for the summary.
yeah man.

User Info: AtomicPenguin76

4 years ago#13
The 1080p vs 720p thing is stupid, and has been. It's not completely baseless, but it's kind of a dumb argument.

The real issue is that the XB1 was running CoD at a lower resolution AND people were reporting serious framerate drops at the same time. 1080p is certainly better, no doubt, but it's not exactly a dealbreaker. If game developers need to drop to 720p to maintain the same performance, I doubt most people will really care in the end as long as the games are just as good and realistically, they're going to look good anyway.

It's a bigger issue if they need to drop the resolution, though, and it still can't maintain the same framerate. That's what people should have been picking up on, rather than just crying about the resolution difference as if that was the actual problem. It's not.

User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#14
that dude is a silly moron... I cannot believe I almost watched the whole thing.

gameplay whores are fos...if you are so unconcerned by graphics go buy a super nintendo or playstation 1 and leave the next gen boards alone...

seriously great graphics pull you into the game, it takes you off of your couch and pulls you into the world or story you are participating in...it's called immersion.

if everything in the game world looks like super Mario brothers...you cannot feel as attached to it

Just like a movie if the production is weak, you won't respect it.

I personally think that you need both gameplay and graphics to make a great game...

this mf smh

minecraft is the only example of successful game with crap graphics...yet he forgot to mention the many graphical mods for it that makes the game look better...please believe if minecraft was not made by a 1 man crew it would be gigantic

if you look at game like ARMA 2 and HAwken...the detail makes you feel like whats going on is really going on, and you react as so...

he is right about one thing, this whole thing is silly...1080p/60fps should have been 1st on the checklist for next gen.

MS tried to come to the table with a cheap console because they wanted to make money day one. They think they can make up for their weak machine by tapping into the casual market via Wii style...they know hardcore gamers want a brain frying console...it's expensive, and casual gamers don't care about resolution

the part where they totally screwed up is that the Wii was cheap..they did the opposite and made it the most expensive console...and it's not even the strongest
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User Info: embrandedone

4 years ago#15
So...are we going to gloss over this line that he said

"Some silly Microsoft thralls thinking 720p is better and more natural."

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User Info: VanderZoo

4 years ago#16
I knew he'd mention the PC. PC is irrelevant, if you don't like PC gaming and prefer consoles, which most people do, then which console can do the better resolution remains important.
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User Info: Fenriswolf

4 years ago#17
VanderZoo posted...
I knew he'd mention the PC. PC is irrelevant, if you don't like PC gaming and prefer consoles, which most people do, then which console can do the better resolution remains important.

It's irrelevant considering that COD Ghosts is a launch game and has taken advantage of neither PS4 or X1's hardware, and the PC version ran equally poorly. Old COD games on PS3 sold millions despite their knowingly lower resolution, but nobody cared and PS3 still had games like Uncharted and Killzone which took advantage of its hardware. With all said, COD Ghosts is a poor indicator of console quality.

User Info: blue_eagle2005

4 years ago#18
Despite all this, if it were the other way round the people defending the X1 would be glorifying the superior tech and bashing the other. Just the way the internet works.
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User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#19
So this guys argument is "It doesn't matter if the XBO wont do 1080p for most games, because my PC will instead"


**Head Explodes**
"Exactly correct TC..."

User Info: triple s

triple s
4 years ago#20
I find it funny cause resolution is such a big deal when a year ago, so many console only people were just fine with 720p. Resolution does matter to me to an extent. I'm a PC gamer and if I have the choice to play the PC version I will most likely go with that version. The thing is, that's if I have an option. As of right now, the Xbox One's launch window looks a lot better in my eyes than the PS4's. Killer Instinct may be 720p, but it looks more visually "next gen" then most games I've seen on either platform. Ryse may not end up being the best in gameplay, but you can't deny that it's a stunner to look at even if it's 900p. When it comes down to it, i find it hilarious that people are acting like the Xbox One only does 720p when it probably has several launch 1080p games.

For a gaming console, no doubt the PS4 is the better deal but after the PS3 I really don't see Sony making the ultimate gaming console like a lot of people are making it out to be. It took the PS3 damn near 4 years to really put its foot in the ground. Especially after the outcry with Call of Duty Ghost, I also feel that Microsoft has a hell of an exclusive in Titanfall. It's all opinion, but the new Infamous is really the only launch window title I'm eager to play on PS4. Regardless, I plan to get both systems and if there's a console only multiplatform game, I'll get the PS4 version. As of now, the Xbox One has the games I'm looking forward to. They probably should have invested more on the hardware and less on the Kinect, but it's not like the Xbox One is on Wii U levels. Wii U multiplatforms will look more like current gen versions while the Xbox One will look on par with the PS4 version in a lower resolution in some cases.
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