Xbox One or PS4 - UNBIASED opinions only please

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User Info: MRL3G3ND

3 years ago#21
depends on what kind of gamer you are

...if you want the best gaming experience, and media as a second thought go playstation 4

...if you want media, with gaming as an afterthought go Xbox One
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User Info: faboo95

3 years ago#22
slowdog76 posted...
i put this to my mum earlier, as she had popped round for a brew.

i asked her which she would get, after i had explained each to her in simplistic terms. for example: pure games machine (ps4), powerful camera / mic enabling voice control and so on (kinect), etc etc.

after i had laid it all out to her, she said, quick as a flash "the more expensive one". when i asked why she said

"it might cost more, but you are getting way, way, more for your money", i said that a lot of the complaints came about the price, and the camera thing was what was driving it up. she simply said

"why would you not want that?"

so there you go folks. my mum has spoken

Why wouldn't I want that? Kind of like the motion control features of the Wii/Wii U, the new features of the kinect will probably just end up as a novelty that I'll quickly grow tired of. So why I would I want to pay extra for that? But that's just me, I'm certain people will love those kinect features.

As for me, none of the launch titles from either console really interests me, so I can't really recommend either of them solely based on that. However, one of the major reasons I got a PS3 was the option of playing games from Japan. And seeing how most companies will most likely continue to support Sony, I'll eventually be getting a PS4.

User Info: lax_plyr

3 years ago#23
Wait until the reviews come out for both systems and launch titles, then decide.

User Info: ACx7

3 years ago#24
If all you care about is hardware, get the PS4. If that's not all you care about get an Xbox One.

User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#25
Get neither til mid next year. By then a lot more games should be released and any problems should be sorted out.

User Info: cpcjlc3

3 years ago#26
TC you need to look at what each system offers and decide where it fits into your value system. If you don't care about the potential of the kinect, the multimedia functions, or things like the snap feature or other things Xbox can do then go for a PS4 since it's main focus is graphics. If these things do appeal to you then get a Xbox One.

On another note, this is probably one of the worst places to get advice on which system to buy considering at least half of the people here seem to be experiencing rampant fanboyism and will try to pump up only one system.

You need to look at what is important to you and decided for yourself.

User Info: BoxTheMuppet

3 years ago#27
Watch this:

If none of that appeals to you then get a ps4.
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User Info: AlexPuma

3 years ago#28
Here's an unbiased opinion:

The PS4 is bad.
The Xbox One is dreadful.
The Wii U is dead in the water.
Steambox is pointless.
Ouya is a piracybox.

PS4 is the least bad of the 8th gen I guess.
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User Info: Chanfan02

3 years ago#29
Depends entirely on what kind of experience you are looking for and what type of exclusives you like the most. I'm getting an X1 but the PS4 is more powerful on a purely technical standpoint. It will have better graphics on exclusives and multiplats for the most part. If you loved PS3 this gen and all its exclusives then go with PS4. If you like the 360 exclusives and are interested in multimedia functions mixed with gaming get the X1.

I personally will bet getting the X1 first and then the PS4 in late 2014. I am getting an X1 first because I like the exclusives, the UI, the controller, the extra functions, and honestly kinect 2.0. I will be getting a PS4 for its exclusives and because it is a little bit more powerful.

Either way you are looking at two great consoles that will hopefully deliver great gaming experiences as well. I think you will be happy with either console in the end.
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User Info: JusticeSword

3 years ago#30
deadmarv posted...
Aren't all opinions biased?

Not Mr. Datas opinion, he's always objective, Mr Worf on the other hand...
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