Xbox One or PS4 - UNBIASED opinions only please

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User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 years ago#31
Humans are biased, but a computer would say PS4 unless you live in Brazil.
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User Info: NintendoXGames

4 years ago#32
wiiu is best

User Info: Blouge

4 years ago#33
I would get a Wii U or a PC with an ATI NGC video card (e.g. 7900) honestly.

Probably all PS4 and XB1 games are going to be ported to PC due to same x86 architecture and ATI's new Mantle API; play them on a real PC not a crappy mini-PC.

User Info: DisgaeaNut

4 years ago#34
TC based on your interests it sounds like the PS4 is the best option.

User Info: Foppe

4 years ago#35
Make a list of games that seems interesting on both systems.
Pick the best looking list.
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User Info: ItchyIsVegeta

4 years ago#36
Get the ones your friends are getting, so you can play online together. That is why I will most likely get the Xbox One, to play with my friends on Xbox Live. They are planning on the Xbox One over the PS4.
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User Info: MrSpaM111

4 years ago#37
TrickyPony posted...
X1, because XBL

"I'm buying this console because their shop looks shinier"

"Exactly correct TC..."

User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#38
Cheaper, more powerful, and if it's anything like PS2 and PS3, it'll have a slow start leading up to a heavy storm of good exclusives.
Unless I state otherwise, everything I say is opinion when it comes to discussing the quality of games.
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User Info: BigBee2005

4 years ago#39
Having owned both consoles this gen and favoured the 360 over the PS3 (I prefer the achievements, online experience and most importantly the controller) I think I am going to buy the PS4 first, although not at launch and the XB1 sometime later.

Maybe consider which console exclusives you really cannot live without and go from there. When I look back over this gen, although I love Gears and Forza (not fussed with Halo), I personally think Sony has had the edge generally with the likes of TLOU, Uncharted, Heavy Rain etc. That being said, I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on any MS exclusives either (my PC is not good enough for gaming unfortunately). So both is the best of both worlds if you can.

Although I'm impressed with Kinect, I'm not sure my lounge is wide enough / suitable enough to use it to it's fullest. I am going to wait until the XB1 has actually been released and then look online for feedback regarding that issue. There's no denying the fact the XB1 is more expensive and less powerful than the PS4 but ultimately I think it's exclusives you have to look at really. That and if you are more looking for an entertainment hub (XB1) than predominantly a games console (PS4).

I just hope the PS4 controller is better this time around, I can't personally ever imagine a better 'made for me' controller than the 360. And that's coming from someone who up to the 360 had only recently gamed on the PS1/PS2 and was very skeptical at the time regarding anything other than a Sony controller.

I'm not committing 100% to either console until they have both been launched and the feedback both negative and positive starts emerging online. I will end up with both consoles at some stage though, the timing of which pretty much depends on when killer exclusives are released that I find hard to resist!
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User Info: strawberry11

4 years ago#40
xIconic posted...
To point people in the right kinda direction. I'm probably gonna mainly be playing FPS games excluding COD, sandbox games, sports games. In terms of entertainment, it'll probably just be movies. System specs are huge for me aswell. Hope this helps.

In terms of system specs, PS4 is a somewhat more powerful games machine than XB1. To what extent this will impact the platforms respective performance is debatable, but at launch we are seeing games better optimized and running better on PS4 than on XB1. How significant or noticeable these marginal PS4 gains are is something you will hear many conflicting opinions over. No doubt there is untold bias in opinions on both sides of the debate.The same goes for XB1's prospects of closing the gap later down the line - you will hear a lot of opinions but mostly these are pretty much uninformed because no one can predict the future. The only known facts are that PS4 is a more powerful games machine and that the launch games run better on PS4, but that XB1 has more functionality beyond games including some innovative looking Kinect interfacing and instant snapping between multimedia .

In terms of the types of games you have listed, you will pretty much be equally well served on both machines.
e.g Sandbox Games: XBOX 1 has Dead Rising 3 as an exclusive. It looks like a really fun game but on the other hand it is being reported to have pretty bad performance (720p at 20FPS). PS4 will almost certainly have the better optimized versions of Assassins Creed 4 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and later down the line Watchdogs and it has Infamous coming as an exclusive.
Similar story for FPS: PS4 has Killzone as an exclusive which looks to be really rocking next-gen performance but on the other hand Killzone games aren't everyone's cup of tea and are certainly not of the quality of Halo. XB1 has Titanfall as a console exclusive later down the line, which is getting a mega amount of hype. But it is from guys who created COD so may not be your thing.
Sports games similarly you can probably expect slight performance gains on the PS4.

Multiplatform shooters currently all run better on PS4 (in terms of resolution) but on the other hand XBL has the history of being a better online multiplayer platform than PSN, albeit Sony are working on improving this, and PS+ is much better value overall offering than XBL Gold.

So no real definitive answer. But I would say, in my opinion, if system specs are huge for you,and you are not so bothered by multimedia beyond movies then you should get the PS4. You could then if you so wish invest the money you save into getting the PS4 camera, which will eventually end up with many of the interfacing capabilities of Kinect.
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