I'm taking a chance on Ryse

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User Info: tokenblackguy23

3 years ago#21
You guys do know there is a such thing as GameFly? so that you can take a chance with a minumum commitment :-)

User Info: hazecloud

3 years ago#22
Buburibon posted...
Kosmo240985 posted...
Marqmax posted...
Kosmo240985 posted...
Kosmo240985 posted...
cod ghosts
madden 25
AC black flag

i'm getting ghosts and madden for the 10 dollar upgrade.


becasue i have the money and all the games interest me...

also because these games plus the system is about 10% of my quarterly bonus...

and becasue it's a bday/holiday present to myself (along with my new hdtv)

Coming on here to brag about something that probably aint true is lame. Plus, nobody cares.

TC asked. Is it that hard to believe that a college educated white male in a big city can have a good job? I went 5 years at a crap job and then unemployment to finally land my dream job.

sorry for bragging a bit. But it's been a long time coming that i can afford to drop 1k on a system and games and not feel bad about it.

you mad bro?

Even specified white male, further adding to the douchebag factor.

whats wrong with being white? you racist?

Its wrong to paint your brain with white color. It shows that you are one of a kind, 'superior assumed college trained' trying to be the first that played all games. If you are what you are, just keep it to yourself cause nobody cares. But hey, a point is there - I got them and I want to let them know that I am proud of it. ~ Someone should give you a medal for the truth when they care ~
Games are meant to be played. Why so serious.

User Info: PS2 4 Life

PS2 4 Life
3 years ago#23
Personally, I think Ryse is going to be a LOT better then people are expecting. Everyone is expecting just one giant quicktime event but from the gameplay I have seen it looks to actually be a pretty solid 3rd person hack n slash.

I don't think it is going to be an AMAZING game, but something more like Heavenly Sword. Which I personally really enjoyed. Solid story and fun if not a little repetitive gameplay.

I am not entirely convinced though so while I am buying Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon on Day one, I am going to rent Ryse on gamefly and see for myself. If it is good I will end up buying the game.
Games I am looking forward to:Dead Rising 3, Mighty No 9, Tales of Xillia 2
3DS FC: 0404-5580-6237
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