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Xbox One vs PS4: The Day One Difference

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User Info: triple s

triple s
3 years ago#11
InjusticeReborn posted...
triple s posted...
As a black man, I am embarrassed by that guy.

Well, judging by this reply, I can only guess it's that YouTube moron who has suddenly become relevant because of his stance?

YouTube, "where even mongs can have a voice".

GT:Triple S 06
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User Info: Muryo

3 years ago#12
BBC backs his points with facts AGAIN, X1 fans call him names rather than refute his argument or acknowledge that he's right.

Why didn't MS update the OS after having a such a long time to do it?

Why can't MS include or mail a disc with the patch for their costumers with no or limited internet capability while Sony can?
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