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User Info: rosseeles

3 years ago#11
llsamuraill posted...
rosseeles posted...
The cloud has to fit in it, so yes it has to be that size.

(sorry ponies got there first)

Oh ok , that makes sense. NOT

It makes sense because if you had read any of the thousands of threads on here, you would know it goes something like this.

Someone makes a comment or statement about the X1 or its games, some genuine, some not

As soon as that happens the pony brigade descend, mocking the "XBOX 720" or "TEH CLOUDDZZ" etc etc, really its hilarious......

i thought id get in there first as your statement about the xbox being large (which it is) would set their genius minds racing and trust me, if i hadn't mockingly posted that, within about 8 mins one of them genuinely would, granted it would have been pure comedy gold and something you'd tell your kids about in 10 years time, but yeah i was that guy that went and ruined it.

User Info: hailgalvatron

3 years ago#12
it's big because it is next gen... lots of gens in one box.

User Info: SythisTaru

3 years ago#13
What you talk about? My Desktop is like 8-9 times bigger.

User Info: chickabumpbump

3 years ago#14
Who cares? Its not a super computer that takes up an entire room ,its what a few inches cubic bigger than the old xbox. Seriously get a life, how small is your house or room or table that this bothers you

User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#15
It's not that BIG I saw it at BestBuy/Wal-Mart/GameStop it's smaller than everyone makes it out to be, even the kinect is smaller than the original one, they just like to make a big deal out of it.
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User Info: motoraptor

3 years ago#16
It's kind of annoying... my gaming shelf is made of square units of 13" each ( However the dimensions of the console (according to the internet) has the width at 13.1". It physically cannot fit into the shelf. It's not a big deal, I can find a spot elsewhere but come on...

User Info: kidwgm

3 years ago#17
llsamuraill posted...
Why is this console so big?
I am getting both,but the size of the x1 is crazy. Then you have the external power brick to deal with.
MS needs smarter people to design the hardware. Is something in the x1 that requires such a huge console?

If you are so smart or think its easy then go design one yourself.
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

3 years ago#18
Yeah they should hire another company to build their hardware.


3 years ago#19
rosseeles posted...
The cloud has to fit in it, so yes it has to be that size.

(sorry ponies got there first)

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