Turn 10: We are NOT holding back cars for Forza 5 DLC

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User Info: Mugaaz

4 years ago#11
Exodus_Prime posted...
Bladin posted...
Mugaaz posted...
LOL, right. If that's true, why are they charging for them? It could be free DLC. Why isn't it free DLC? Because they want to make more money. If they want to make more money it has to be DLC. There is no way you could get a truthful answer from an entity who has such a clear conflict of interest, so who cares what they have to say regarding the matter?

If the developers make extra content beyond the game then they deserve to get paid for it.

I cant believe some people dont understand how project development works.

Even if a developer makes content for dlc before the game comes out doesn't mean they are holding back content that should be at release.

They made the game within a budget, they put extra rwsources toward extra content. They then sell the extra content. The developer would just not invest in the extra content.

Think of it like this. You have to do an assignment by friday. You finish it on tuesday, but then you put in extra time to do graphs charts extra essays and then turn it in. Youll be expecting extra reward for your extra effort.

He understands how DLC works he's just being a sour tool box, I'm sure he has payed DLC for some of his fav games, and if he hasn't no big deal, If you're not familiar with how DLC works and how almost every game has it now then you're either ignorant/living under a rock/bridge or just decided to vote against it, which is fine too.

Of course I've payed for DLC in the past, and will certainly do so in the future. That doesn't mean I enjoy having my intelligence insulted by a corporate shill spouting PR nonsense regarding why these cars aren't incuded in the original game. They are selling these because it's more lucrative than including it in t he main game, there is no other reason. I can choose to buy DLC or not buy DLC without drinking the Kool-Aid.

User Info: vidalmoraza

4 years ago#12
takidigits2005 posted...
vidalmoraza posted...
takidigits2005 posted...
It's not the dlc that bothers me. It's the fact that Turn 10 has a tendency to reuse the same tracks with each new game. Sure, there might be a few new tracks per game, but I don't think that's enough. Also, I'm hearing that they took out quite a few fan favorite tracks from F5. I've played every Forza game, and this just seems disappointing to me.

I hope everyone who buys this game enjoys it. Have a nice day.

Well, that is the price you pay for a sim racing game, most tracks are real life tracks, is not Mario Kart where you can have 20 new track each game...

This begs the question as to why developers can't just completely make up a "fantasy" track? Every track doesn't need to be a recreation of a real world track. It seems like it would be the perfect way for the developers let their creativity run wild.

I agree, I would not mind if Turn 10 makes like 10 real life tracks and a "fantasy" cup with made up tracks, I mean, not need to be like Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, but made up tracks for sim play
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