What would you rather have, A High Resolution or A Stable Framerate?

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User Info: TheDuckInPond

3 years ago#21
Shameless bump

User Info: TheAsterite

3 years ago#22

Which is what I get on PC anyway.
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User Info: BoxTheMuppet

3 years ago#23
Neither. I like my games to be jumpy, glitchy, and all sorts of blurry.
#1 at absolutely nothing!

User Info: Yuri_LowelI

3 years ago#24
Depends on how stable and how awful the Frame rate is. Also depends on the type of game. The Last Remnant is one of my fav. RPG's this gen. The game ran like a piece of utter crap like 10-15FPs at times. But looking back..it didn't really bother me due to the fact that it was a REALLY slow paced turn based RPG. And the FPS was bad in battles only.

I'd take a slow paced RPG running at 30FPS if the graphics were amazing in 1080 and average looking in 720. I would never EVER take a fighting game running at choppy 30FPS no matter what res. Neither would I a fast paced action game.

Some games frame rate matters and steady frame rate matters. Shooters for example and fast paced games i general that require reflexes or pin point actions like a Ninja gaiden or a Street Fighter. IF I'm playing Final fantasy and the game runs 30FPS and stutters instead of 60. I won't cry about it. It makes no difference to the terrible voice acting or story anyway. FFXV will be interesting. The game is basically an Action game AKA kingdom hearts. so FPS will be important compared to a turn based RPG when your character just stands there and performs a task every minute.

We are expected to see 1080p native on all games

You act like physics, graphics and the level of detail in every game isn't being improved upon.

You're not a games developer so don't act like you know what you're talking about. Noone expects 1080p native on ALL games for consoles. So don't make stuff up, that's just your expectations.

People expected 1080 last gen. The best selling games of that gen weren't even 720p.

I prefer a game that blows me away in it's physics, textures and animations then it's resolution. It might be able to perform as well in 1080p compared to 720. I would go far as to say that if Devs built a game in 720p res they have just that bit more room for more enemies, better on screen physics and above all a steady smooth 60FPS.

If they can't gaurantee steady 60FPS gameplay because of the high resolution then drop it.
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  3. What would you rather have, A High Resolution or A Stable Framerate?

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