PS4 Version of CoD Ghosts Overtakes XB1 Version in Preorder Numbers

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User Info: DXiRoNMaN

3 years ago#21
tokenblackguy23 posted...
QuadForce878 posted...

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4) 440,772

2. Call of Duty: Ghosts (XOne) 431,764

Why is this game even pre-ordered? They removed all the best game modes smh

Search & Destroy (returning 15 November 2013)



Capture the Flag

Hard Point

wtf they took those modes out?!
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User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#22
Mmaguy posted...
I feel bad for the 872,536 people...

I don't mean to hate on the franchise. I have been, and probably still am, a fan of it, having played every game up until now.

But Ghosts has done nothing for me. I think I am finally burned out on CoD. This is the first CoD title that I've seen hardly anyone ever play on my friend list. Quite remarkable.

The Mrs bought me it last Thursday for the 360. She returned it Friday morning. XD

User Info: MattVSin

3 years ago#23
tokenblackguy23 posted...
Why is this game even pre-ordered? They removed all the best game modes smh


What? They removed HQ? F*** this game! That was my favourite mode.
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User Info: bridog346

3 years ago#24
mindandsoul posted...
A lot of people already have it and will upgrade so those figures dont tell the full story at all. Im surprised its so neck and neck, ms have pulled a lot of fans back it seems.

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User Info: CapwnD

3 years ago#25
Zheakk posted...
CapwnD posted...
tokenblackguy23 posted...
CapwnD posted...
QuadForce878 posted...
Maybe they purposely cut them out only to later put them back in as DLC later down the road?

I'm sorry but you don't honestly believe that do you?

More likely that the game is more basic because it's ported to so many systems this time around.

I could see that, for stability across all platforms +1

Giant Bomb pointed it out in the podcasts.

I'm not a fan of stripping things down, I loved some HQ back in the day, and some CTF... but I've been adapting to each year's COD release, and playing the game mode that made the most sense to me.

COD3- War
COD4-pffffaa.. TDM I guess. goddam modern crap give me WWII dammit.

I mean come on Infinity Ward... you give three overpowered grenades to complete no-talent ass clowns and still let them poop out a martydom grenade regardless of the fact that they already threw all three of their grenades?

Please don't tell me Titanfall sucks.

MW2 - really getting tired of choke points and camping douchbags
BLOPS - Kill Confirmed brings greatness back to the franchise
MW3 - KC
BLOPS2 KC Hardcore... I forget why. It just is.
Ghosts...? I'm still trying to figure out what game mode has the least amount of camping bags of puss no talent ass clowns.

Pretty sure Kill Confirmed was introduced in MW3

My fault. I guess that was War that we played in the first Blops.

The thing that bothers me about Ghosts is two things: It's camp friendly in Kill Confirmed because they went back to the MW3 style for killstreaks, where it's by kills instead of points. And the maps are made for 9v9 and it's only 6v6 on current gen/non-PC.
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