I don't understand.

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User Info: Kevin_OS

4 years ago#21
Its because they are insecure people with poor mental health. They're angry and unhappy with their lives (for whatever reason) and so they lash out. I know because I was once like them, but now I'm better :)
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User Info: wskingws

4 years ago#22
I don't care either. I grew up with Nintendo then embraced play station and then 360. So I'm pretty much neutral but sometimes I like to take jabs at all of them just to piss off the obvious trolls.
I am the voice of reason.

User Info: kakarot-uchiha

4 years ago#23
some people love telling other people what to do and how to think.

removing anonymity will not even slightly reduce trolling, racist comments, etc and i think you all know it. i hear straight beligerent a-holes while pumping gas. granted it's much less face to face.

it is a push from a tiny minority wanting to end free speach that drop little talking point suggestions like 'you don't support e-bullying do you? everyone just register, it'll be fine and won't shut down the internet as we know it.'

its to prosecute and weaponize free speach, trending dissidence, and file-sharing. senate and house bills have tried a few times already. some people like to control what people do and how they think.

i'd think most would see that this (registered) as actually exasperating the issue. no one honestly believes that all the "cod kiddies" are going to all of a sudden mind thier 'P's & Q's' if all of a sudden there real names replaced thier gamertag? in truth, realising that there are 14 million like-minded real people will be empowering and re-enforcing. it doesn't take a sociologist, people talking how they want to talk, it's 'catchy'. take xbox's new approach; sure i personally already block people but it won't be long and the 'blacklist' will be very cool.

for me, it's my game, i'm not having a bunch of screaming and swearing, racist crap. muting and blocking works. but some people just love telling other people what to do, create thought crimes. nope, they can be racist if they want to.
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