Xbox One news. revolutionary next gen fighting game, EA UFC cover vote contest

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User Info: xenosaga123

4 years ago#1
Recent Xbox One game related news:

Over the past week, EA Sports and the UFC have teamed up for the “EA Sports UFC” cover vote, a contest allowing fans to determine who will join light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones on the cover of the new UFC video game, which is set for release in 2014.

Sixteen male and female fighters entered a bracket to determine whose fan base would vote them onto the video game cover, and the results produced a bag of mixed results.

In the biggest upset of the first round, Tate edged out Rousey in an upset.

According to the official UFC Twitter account, Rousey was ahead in voting with just one hour remaining, only for “Cupcake” to swoop in and steal the victory.

The remaining results were somewhat less surprising as lightweight titleholder Anthony Pettis defeated fellow champion Demetrious Johnson, Johny Hendricks topped Dominick Cruz, and Michael Bisping narrowly defeated Urijah Faber.

On the other side of the bracket, Georges St-Pierre received more votes than Chris Weidman, Alexander Gustafsson beat Daniel Cormier, Chael Sonnen got another one over on Brazil by defeating Junior dos Santos, and featherweight titleholder Jose Aldo took down ex-lightweight champ Benson Henderson.

The second round of vote commenced the moment the first round came to a conclusion, and the final round of eight provides some interesting matchups:

St-Pierre vs. Hendricks
Pettis vs. Aldo
Sonnen vs. Bisping
Gustafsson vs. Tate
Fans can cast their second round votes for at

The next round of voting ends Nov. 17.

This is gonna be amazing!! While EA is still new to MMA development, after partnering with UFC, they are fully committed to developing the first true next gen fighting game and most realistic fighting simulator in gaming history with their NEW next gen engine, new graphics, and lots of new organic features. Heard it's releasing around May, but that's good because that allows them to refine and polish and expand it further instead of rushing it as a launch title.

And it's possible with a industry giant like EA could expand the roster further through DLC for fans that are willing to pay more for more favorites, and
provide the highest quality of MMA in the entire gaming industry.
(There are too many arcade fighters and Street Fighter/Virtua Fighter wannabes out there, the industry does need more realistic fighting simulators that isn't something tame boxing. MMA is the best sport to create a fighting game around. Realism in gaming > arcadey gaming.

Plus fighting simulators tend to be much more balanced and less cheap than arcade fighters where the one that pokes into combos/juggles first pretty much wins. With realistic fighters, there is more skill based back and forth fighting that keeps both players on their toes, which leads to more unpredictable matches and more natural fights.

Fighting simulators really make arcade fighters look immature and cheap. Yea no offense to KI fans, but really EA UFC fights will be so much more amazing, and fun. Plus multiplatform is actually a good thing. Xbox360 thrived from multiplatform releases more than exclusives, exclusivity really doesn't determine which console is better, that's up to player preference, having all games people want on their platform is more important than selfishly keeping a videogame all to themselves. You don't see TV companies having TV channel exclusives, that would bring down the TV industry if only certain TVs could watch certain channels/shows/movies. :)

So yea overall the console/platform fans shouldn't underrate things that aren't exclusive, yet overrate things because they are exclusive, all I'm saying.

User Info: xenosaga123

4 years ago#2
Oh yea, UFC 168 is going to be explosive!!
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