Pachter said Sony will win this gen unless MS cuts their price.

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User Info: Brandy1977

3 years ago#31
Gillian Seed posted...
jrr18 posted...
well seeing as pachter is alway wrong things are looking up for the xbone.

Are things looking up? Patcher is predicting a Sony win unless Microsoft does a price cut. The thought is Patcher is always wrong, so if Microsoft does do a price cut that would mean Sony will win despite Microsoft doing a price cut. And chances are Microsoft will eventually do price cut to stay competitive.

This is not a serious response. It's more a joke about Patcher than a look at Xbox One vs PS4.

Watch X1 cut their price then start selling Wii U numbers lol.

User Info: Horridhal

3 years ago#32
bessy67 posted...
Horridhal posted...
bessy67 posted...
People are so full of it. You want a decent case? $75. You want a decent motherboard? $125. You want a decent processor? $150. You want a decent video card? $150. You want a decent optical drive? $50. You want decent RAM? $70. You want a decent mouse and keyboard? $70. Those are pretty much minimums to have a system that is relevant for more than a couple years. $690.

Pretty obvious just from the bolded part that you get ripped off anytime you build your own PC. I mean you personally, not everyone who builds their own. In no world do you need 70$ for a mouse/keyboard.

lol, have fun getting owned in any competitive game with your crap mouse and keyboard.

Go drink some more kool-aid. Just because a company says their product is 150% better doesn't make it so. Price is never indicative of quality. Don't be a lemming.
Analogy of gamefaqs: Islands of logic floating in a sea of idiocy and childishness.
Have a real point please. Don't use personal attacks or emotions.

User Info: bob15x

3 years ago#33
hes right. The core demographic for the xbox one is the casual gamer/family unit. If they get the box to 299 fast, it will outsell the ps4. If they don't, well they won't
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