In preparation of XB1 - I sold all my systems

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User Info: Cinn_kentsu89

4 years ago#21
I traded both my 360s in towards two Xbox ones. I kept a lot of my rare ps1 RPGs and all my dreamcast games but 360 didn't feel like any games were worth keeping and having another system taking up space on my media center. Figured it wouldn't get any play once I played Xbox one.

User Info: SupaShig

4 years ago#22
chuckboston2k3 posted...
PS3, 360, Wii...even my iPad.

Kinda bored now. I did pick up a Wii U for my kids, but I have no clue what might be good on that one.

Monster Hunter 3
Lego City Undercover
New Super Mario Bros. U
New Super Luigi U
Zelda WW HD
Wonderful 101
Rayman Legends
Pikmin 3
Mario 3D world comes out in a week

Theres a list of some possible Wii U games you might like. Also quite a few good Eshop games.

User Info: catzrul2002

4 years ago#23
I remember selling off my Amiga system, biggest regret of my life. So I've kept every console I've owned.
Fingers crossed for Sony to enable PSN name change!!

User Info: Dannyson97

4 years ago#24
chuckboston2k3 posted...
I have another 360 in my playroom (it's my kids), the PS3 was used 98% of the time for BR, so I will not need that.

I wanted one console for my main setup, and the XB1 will be it. Can't wait until DirecTv is integrated so I can have even less clutter.

The Wii U seems pretty good, but I am totally out of the loop with the Nintendo landscape and don't know what to play to hold me over for another week. It's going in the playroom too once the XB1 comes out. I got the Wind Waker version, and my 10 year old has been digging that so far.

Wouldn't have gone as far to sell all my systems, the Wii U can do everything the Wii can except play Gamecube games. Reccomended games, Zombie U, WonderFul 101, Mario 3D world, and maybe try Wind Waker for yourself, keep a open eye for Wii U games and it has BC with all Wii games.
Xbox 360, best you kept one as it still has plenty of games left to play.
Argue with me at your own risk I have way too much free time.

User Info: khardbored

4 years ago#25
Ryan-06 posted...
assassin10133 posted...
TBONE_OG posted...
Probably the dumbest thing I've read all day.

Why? I did the same thing, I only used my PS3 for videos, never used my Wii and had a second 360 so I sold them. I still play plenty on my main 360 so I'm not missing on anything, plus got some extra cash to help pay for me XB1 pre-order.

Then why get a ps3, dummy.

Oh probably mommy got it for you. As kids don't know the value of money when they never spend or earn it themselves. So of course they'll be willing to sell off all their consoles without any hesitation at all!

tc will regret it one day. You'll see. I felt the same way after I sold games in the past. Wish I had them today.

Wow. Resorting to name calling because you don't agree with someone? Amazing.
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User Info: Loku12

4 years ago#26
Whered u sell your 360
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