My closed session with Xbox one, detailed write up

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User Info: chickabumpbump

4 years ago#1
Myself and 4 other people were invited via our retail jobs ( I was lucky to go since im only a temp but I have worked for Rare and Xbox before so my job know my passion for them ) to a closed session with a Rep and the console

It was 4 hours long, maybe 30 minutes of console playing and was VERY informative and enjoyable.
Firstly I will say I also went to an hour PS4 session and in comparison the Sony event showed us literally nothing of the machine playing something live and the rep was very smarmy and insulting to MS whenever it was bought up.

MS rep actually complimented Sony but would bring up the comparisons in a more detailed way to say why he thought MS stuff was better, he even put some humour into the event and put on a quiz where some of us won an xbox one game.
He shockingly as well said how awful a job they did at first but said hey we listen and always have and always want to. I was suprised at the honest nature of it.

What he talked about, well you all already know if you have been following the news.
He did show alot of the apps however with snap features and pointed out the massive limitations the PS4 has in comparison with media and apps and other OS and UI systems.
For you lot moaning over kinect, trust me you ARE going to use it.

I worked on the first kinect in QA with two games and we had a tracking programme, the rep showed us the same programme on kinect 2.
It tracked SIX people easily, it tracked our limbs, voices, fingers, wrists all at once with info on the screen.
It even tracked our facial expressions from happy to angry and could see what eyes we have open or closed.

Games wise I played Killer instinct...which...well was just a fighting game but it was fun!
and I played Forza, the new controller was SO impressive during forza. It felt so normal but different as the triggers are smooth and curved to fit your finger and the pad is a little smaller.
As I hit the gas the right trigger went crazy with vibration and then died down, and when i hit the brakes hard, the left trigger went crazy.

It was VERY odd at first but just felt so natural to have a buzz reacting to that finger.

Most the event was the rep talking about things we already know about, bit more info here and there but there is literally nothing I think the PS4 has an edge in over the xbox one.
It has a better line up of games, its media is better and its snap apps are amazing and can be used during games.

my only worry was the HD size, i asked him and he asked the tech rep who was also in the room but never spoke. He said next year it will allow any USB HD....I asked again and he said up to 2-3 terrabytes..but I had to ask him to repeat that so i dont want to say its a sure thing

User Info: chickabumpbump

4 years ago#2
Forgot to mention, the console itself was rather large. Original xbox size or maybe a tiny bit bigger buuuut I didnt get to pick it up or examine it super close up. Same with Kinect 2

User Info: Foreign Objects

Foreign Objects
4 years ago#3
How was it working for Rare?
Are they as soulless as they now appear to be?

User Info: yay4pachirisu

4 years ago#4
what apps he demo'd?
also is there a list of apps avaliable for X1?

User Info: BTM4444

4 years ago#5
Great info! Can't wait til next Thursday!

User Info: okazen

4 years ago#6
And obviously you did not have to sign any NDA...thats weird
Wii U ID : Daemian
Xbox Live: Zinit

User Info: Foreign Objects

Foreign Objects
4 years ago#7
Why would it be weird when the console is out in 7 days and is basically in final form?
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