Angry Joe= DONE with Xbox (13 years)?

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User Info: Shik_stick

3 years ago#51
Cowboy082288 posted...
this is the same guy that said reversing drm policies of MS is like flipping a switch. We now know there is a little more to it than that. Of course as soon as MS announced the reversal in policy he made a video claiming how right he was. Ignoring the fact that is was a big project that MS undertook to remove this stuff. They actually removed a remote playthru function. I'm still disappointed with that.

The guy is just another youtube personality idiot like many others. Such as reviewtechUSA.

Well in a sense it is that easy...well, not EASY as I'm sure thy had to do a lot of work but that's a big part of what the day one update is for despite what MS has said. But it is exactly what they have done, flip a switch. If it was removed entirely from the system they would have had to go back to hardware planning as numerous people from MS have said that the DRM was part of their core X1 architecture.

Also, chill out. AJ is easily one of the getter YouTube gamers.
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User Info: ILikesCheese

3 years ago#52
TheKing012 posted...

Linking to an Angry Joe video should be a bannable offense.
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