So after COD & BF look much better on PS4, are we still getting XboxOne?

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User Info: billsfanno1

4 years ago#71
the_real_one posted...
billsfanno1 posted...
the_real_one posted...
billsfanno1 posted...
Because we've had our minds made up for 6 months now that we like MS' vision for the next generation much better than Sony's. That or we're planning on getting both. And we're tired of the same stupid and biased comparisons from people like you. Don't you have a PS4 to play? Sony bring you bricks for PSMAS? Knack and KZ really stink that bad? Game selection really is that weak?

Define much better..different yes but much better no...
Also these are not biased comparisons, these comparisons were made based on facts, statements from Xboners management.

It is biased when, of the dozens of features consumers may consider in deciding between PS4 and X1, you choose to list only the three that you believe Sony does best or that are most important to you.

"Much better" means not just better, but a lot better :-).

Face it, you're an Apple and we're PCs. Your public service announcement is falling on deaf ears. We're numb to this stuff now. I at least respect you for having a conversational tone, much more tolerable than the others!

This is funny since MS had the worst PR campaign EVER. Now back to some facts since I hate arguing opinions because there is no WRONG or RIGHT in someone's opinion but facts cannot be debated.

1. PS3 sold more than Xbox360 because your previous MS decided to have gaming as their second choice and they were busy on getting Facbook and Twitter on Xbox rather than real games.

2. PS4 preorder > XboxOne. This is important because it gives you an early insight on what gamers want from their gaming console!

3. The dozens of features that you have just mentioned are irrelevant to gaming and irrelevant to the community and this has been discussed many times before here and in other forums, blogs....etc..preorder figures confirmed this.

4. I respect your conversational tone as well but I do not respect nor appreciate your biased tone toward what MS is doing against the wish of the gaming community.

Here's what you don't seem to understand. If I wanted just strictly a gaming console, I would get a PS4. Once Sony gets their quality figured out, there are rooms in my house where I may just want a gaming console and I would consider PS4 and/of WiiU when that time comes. But my primary interest right now is my Family Room, and X1 is the best device for that space because it plays games as well as doing a lot of things that add value.

As hard as you might try, you can't force your values on others. You are way too late in the game and you are simply recycling what hundreds of others before you have been saying. Nice try, but complete waste of your time.

User Info: pigman2003

4 years ago#72

Just saying.......

because the resolution is lower on the Xbox One it lets the game devs put in higher res textures and the game can run at a higher FPS more easily, games at 720p will look better up close but games and 1080p will look better at a distance, that's just how it is.

To answer the original question I'm getting an Xbox One because of the vastly superior online service. With more and more games implanting online features the Xbox One just seems like the best next gen console to me.

Feel free to disagree as I know many of you will, but those who actually take the time to compare next gen games will see the truth.

User Info: bloodlover4ever

4 years ago#73
Wow guys, this is the real one. Those from Xbox360 board know him very well. One of the worst trolls we have ever seen. He has been trolling for years there so seeing him here is no surprise.

Ignoring him is the best way instead of arguing with him. Not many people will do that though since he is very good at bringing you to his pointless discussion!

User Info: zmouse

4 years ago#74
why aren't you playing your ps4? Can't get on psn? Is it bricked?

User Info: CyborgTwenty

4 years ago#75
No of course not.

User Info: Hardcore74Leo

4 years ago#76
But yes I am getting my xbox one still. And I'm going to enjoy it hopefully the same way most ps4 players are. Lots of fun with (hopefully) not many issues

User Info: ascendedcobra

4 years ago#77
Take this with a grain of salt because I am going to get a ps4 too. Ok here goes...for the xbox experience. I have a ps3 that I only use a few times a year but use my 360 like 5 days a week. Xbox live and the dashboard and the community just feel like home to me. The psn and store make me feel like I'm in a hotel looking for a movie to rent on their tv. It makes me feel like a stranger if that makes any sense. Not to mention psn is clunky as hell and needs massive updates and installs all the time. Also the game installs are just stupid long for sony. When I buy a game I want to play it not wait 20min while the damm thing installs and updates. The xbox experience is so much smoother and trouble free and its going to get way better with the xbone and kinect 2. When people see all the things the xbone can do I think the ps4 will be in real trouble. The only thing saving sony this time around is that the ps4 is slightly more powerful.

User Info: BoxTheMuppet

4 years ago#78
Cool topic TC.

This board definately needed another "ps4 is great why but an xbone?" thread. Way to break the mold and take an original stance.

I see ps4 as a piece of equipment that only does one thing. That's great for a toaster but these days I'm looking for a multi media device. That's what the x1 is.

I know you hate kinect and already have an MP3 player and a cable box and a phone for skyping. The x1 is all that plus games rolled into one.

You can now put the bat down. This horse hasn't moved in months.
#1 at absolutely nothing!

User Info: crucial

4 years ago#79
BF4 is unplayable to most right now on PS4 and CoD Ghosts has mass frame rate dips on PS4 and is having major issues right now,a lot of people have yet to even be able to play the 2 games right now because of Sony's errors with there update patch and some can not even DL that.

Right now all I am hearing from ponys is ether DoA PS4 or they are having major issues with games and patches.

Now with that said Ghosts on X1 will not even need a patch like PS4 because it will run flawlessly unlike the patched PS4 version that still has frame rate issues.

BF4 is the only game really where PS4 has the advantage even though most still can not play it,32 vs 32 games are not even being played because of errors.

PS4 launch has been a cluster so far so enjoy.
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