who else is waiting for the kinect free version?

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User Info: Zheakk

3 years ago#21
TMOG posted...
Zheakk posted...
All my controllers were rechargeable out of the box...And a charge kit that charged two packs at a time and came with 3 charge packs was $15...You got ripped off man

I'm talking about the actual Xbox 360 branded stuff, not third-party accessories.

Yeah, so am I.

User Info: masterchief6154

3 years ago#22
Here's an idea: Don't like it, don't buy it. Microsoft is taking a strategic gamble with Kinect 2.0. They could easily change the bundles they have, and separate the kinect. But they're gambling instead that kinect will change the industry. Like N64's analog stick, and then first dualshock controller.

Yes, it is a gamble, and a ballsy one at that. But, like all gambles, it COULD pay off. With enough positive energy behind it from good third-party titles, the kinect would attract people, not push them away.
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User Info: xTeKNiQuEx

3 years ago#23
The entire console, and its features are made to be integrated with Kinect. No kinect? You lose half the systems functionality.

You will see a reduced price. You will not however, see a Kinectless SKU.
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User Info: ImThe8thWonder

3 years ago#24
ScRui posted...
I'm excited for the next car without headlights... Why should I pay more when I only drive during the day...


Who's with me?

Poor example. Headlights aren't superfluous and car companies are obligated by a higher authority to build cars with them. The kinect isn't essential and Microsoft isn't being forced to bundle their peripheral with every XB1.
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User Info: kungfuj0

3 years ago#25
I am hoping for either a Kinect-less Xbone or a lower price. I'll take either one.

Either way though, I am not pressing. It'll be next summer at the earliest before I even think about getting a console, more likely this time next year, if not later. Might make a NICE January, 2015 birthday present for me, come to think of it. Should be plenty of cheap games out by then too.
And to think...people laughed at me when I said MS could out-EA EA any day of the week.
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