Preorder from Microsoft shipped!

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User Info: TRC-G00SE

3 years ago#71
Just got my email, thank goodness I can

User Info: skyypayne

3 years ago#72
NYSoulJahX posted...
Here is some info of you get it early
Microsoft can ban any user who received their shipment early. It’s their prerogative. Microsoft will most likely release the ban once the November 22nd launch date is upon them.

They can, but they won't. Especially if it's microsoft delivering the product early. Why would they ban someone THEY sent the product early to? The people who got it early from target, I can understand.

That would suck if they did, but I highly doubt it so close to launch now.

Also, my order has been picked up by ups as of yesterday afternoon.

Hopefully it updates to "out for delivery" tomorrow!

User Info: skyypayne

3 years ago#73
Just called and spoke with UPS. They told me with this type of package, there should have been an update, as mine still says in transit to ups facility. She also mentioned the shipper has a "restriction" for facility pick up at my local UPS. Meaning I can't go and pick up before friday. BUMMER!! Hopefully it still gets delivered by tomorrow, but I have a feeling it won't update the tracking until Thursday.

User Info: Donuts_R_Good

3 years ago#74
Should I be worried that it's almost been 24 hours since I got my shipping info yet my tracking number still brings up nothing on the UPS website?

EDIT: Of course the second I make this post, the UPS website finally updates. Mine is only in the beginning "shipping label has been created" phase. I've been seeing a lot of people say that their's is being shipped through UPS Next-Day Air. Is there some way to determine this? Mine simply says "shipping method: ground". I hope I don't have the one ground shipment and end up not getting it launch day or something.
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User Info: Draco7182

3 years ago#75
I got my email on Saturday but now its Tuesday and it hasn't been updated since. It still says "A shipping label has been created". I wish something would happen so I can get a idea of when it will arrive.
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User Info: scarygrin

3 years ago#76
not sure if it's known or not, sign up for ups my choice. It's a free service that will send you a email for day of delivery and give you a 4 hour delivery window.
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User Info: GuruAskew

3 years ago#77
I'm "lucky" as I have the Next Day Air selection, but the people with Ground should calm down. Any halfway decent fulfillment center should be able to reasonably calculate shipping speed vs. cost and depending on your proximity to said fulfillment center you could be one of the people who will get a package the next day regardless of shipping speed.

For example, say you live literally right next door to the UPS hub. Your package would probably be delivered the next day no matter what shipping you choose, so paying a premium for Next Day shipping would just be a waste of money. Someone who lives three states over, however, is only going to get that same package the next day if they actually pay for the Next Day delivery.

I live in Wyoming and my Xbone is shipping from Mira Loma, CA. I certainly wouldn't get my package on Friday if they shipped it on Thursday using Ground. But I'm assuming Microsoft has calculated that you would.

Amazon does stuff like this to me all the time. I'm a Prime member but if they ship something out of their CO distribution center I get stuff the next day using Ground. It makes no difference to me, I get my stuff on time and they save a little money.
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