GAME unboxing Xbox One day one

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User Info: segamaster316

3 years ago#21
Well, if you get some people that are really good at design, you can have the best of both worlds. Kinda like they did with the smaller class of suv's. They can possibly carry 7 or more people but are able to get pretty decent gas mileage.
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User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

3 years ago#22
segamaster316 posted...
eLiTeRiChxUK posted...
segamaster316 posted...
I have mine paid off but that's not a very attractive console. I kinda wanted to leave my PS4 and in view but that vcr should be hidden.

I have never gotten why people find how a console looks to be important.. O.o

Because it's part of décor for some. I have a recess behind my tv into the wall that I keep my consoles in so it's not for me but again, some have their consoles out in the living rooms so it matters how they look.

Me, I think consoles should be thin and unobtrusive. I just don't think whomever handled the design of the xbox one cared about how it looks. It's sorta like when you buy a car, it matters how it looks to most.

So you wanted them to have over heating issues again?
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