As long as the XB1 are not made from the Yontai Foxconn plant

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User Info: SupaShig

3 years ago#21
QuadForce878 posted...
Why would people go to Amazon and waste their time making up fake reviews lying that their PS4s was DOA? Would they have to gain from that?

Why would anyone go to a review site and give 0's and 10's to games to skew scores?

User Info: ish0turfac3

3 years ago#22
Parisinflames78 posted...
I read something yesterday that said only 10% of XBO consoles were made by foxconn the other 90% were made by some other company in brazil.

Lol, complete bs.
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User Info: backguard222

3 years ago#23
kidwgm posted...
MrSpaM111 posted...
Because the Yontai Foxconn plant is the only factory in the history of the earth that's ever shipped something that's faulty...

Of course not. But this plant has been reported for repeatedly mistreating its employees.

And using forced labor.
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User Info: HelmesSeifer

3 years ago#24
These reviews are not accurate at all. Check out this one.
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User Info: JGA1980

3 years ago#25
Asherned posted...
JGA1980 posted...
I think that even if the Xbox One's were made at that plant, there's not as much chance for sabotage since US-China relations aren't as bad as Japan-China relations are at the moment.

If the rumours are true and Chinese students have been sabotaging PS4, then I think the claim that they are being forced to work for free is a smokescreen to hide the political motivations behind the sabotage.

Apparently these unpaid interns are actually paid for their work and we know students are often more politically motivated than normal people.

With the deterioration of Sino-Japanese relations over the past few years due to incidents over those disputed islands, that Japanese politician saying that Japan shouldn't have apologise for the Rape of Nanking and other war atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Army against China, and the real possibility that all of Japan's recent political slights against China have been exaggerated for propaganda and nationalist reasons by the Chinese media agencies, it wouldn't surprise me one but if these Chinese students sabotaged the PS4s as a political blow against a Japan via a Japanese company, especially a Japanese company with the history of Sony.

If it is politically motivated because of Japan's past transgressions against China being stirred up due to more recent incidents, then the fact that Sony who was founded by members of the Imperial Japanese Navy and has more of a historical link (for those who want to see it) to the Imperial Japan committed those war crimes against China could explain why the PS4s are being targeted and why other products made other companies are being left alone.

That's my theory any way... it may be far fetched and speculative, but the idea of it being politically motivated sabotage conducted by patriotic students is more believable than it being committed by undercover Chinese-American Microsoft agents.

US-China relations "aren't bad?"

What crazy planet are you from? Any day now, both countries could launch into a shooting war...

I didn't say US-China relations "aren't bad", i said they "aren't as bad as Japan-China relations".

The US and China may not be best of friends, but they're not involved in local territorial disputes and the US didn't commit atrocities against China less that a century ago that are still in the hearts and minds of the Chinese nation.

The differences between US-China relations and Japan-China relations (both historical and contemporary), in the context of a hypothetical act of sabotage committed by a politically motivated Chinese student against a company from those nations, the differences between the two are like night and day.

User Info: Dr Whoopass

Dr Whoopass
3 years ago#26
This Foxconn thing is the most hilariously absurd thing to have come out of this console war.

Personally I believe MS is using chemtrails to brick PS4s.

And Bigfoot.
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User Info: johnnykev

3 years ago#27
Dr Whoopass posted...
This Foxconn thing is the most hilariously absurd thing to have come out of this console war.

Personally I believe MS is using chemtrails to brick PS4s.

And Bigfoot.

Or his cousin, the Yeti.

User Info: touyamizrahi

3 years ago#28
khardbored posted...
Virobot posted...
Rampant speculation.

Whatever helps you guys feels better about your box.

We don't need to feel better about it. We know it's going to be awesome.
I understand how upset you must be, blindly eating up whatever Sony drops on the floor.
That PS3.5: Sameness Awaits, boy oh boy, lucky you!

lol..and how many games are purely on the XBOne? of that right...5 this year, maybe? I can enjoy every "next gen" MS title on the X360/PC/PS4. lol XBOne, gaming is the One thing you won't ever use it for.
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3 years ago#29
QuadForce878 posted...
And the employees got fed up and either half assed assembling the ps4s or at worst intentionally sabotaging it.
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