'Dead Rising 3's frame rate is extremely choppy...'

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User Info: Special-Edd

4 years ago#41
kraven867 posted...
Edge review was talking about a day one patch. And that framerate would stutter unless you had it. What was weird is, Gamespot was playing it live earlier and there was no issues.

Interesting. Sounds like a similar situation to CoD Ghosts on the PS4 needing the patch for frame rate and to bring it up to 1080p.

If there are any issues then hopefully a patch will bring it up to par.
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User Info: crowkillers

4 years ago#42
MetroidFan9999 posted...
TheBorderCollie posted...
cremasterfan posted...
'It's also impossible to avoid the game's performance issues. Dead Rising 3's frame rate is extremely choppy, the pop-in eminently noticeable, and I encountered many other occasional bugs such as game audio cutting out, survivors getting stuck on scenery, and one enemy whose mohawk kept popping in and out of existence. Dead Rising 3's ability to fill its streets with hundreds of zombies at once is certainly impressive, but the game is a poor choice if you're looking to show off the graphical power of a brand new Xbox One.'

From Gamespot...

"The framerate never hiccuped once, even when steamrolling through dense crowds of zombies and sending limbs flying."

From Game Informer


DF and multiple outlets have confirmed it, it's a done deal.

Apparently there is a day one patch for the Frame Rate and none of those other sites knew about it...
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

4 years ago#43
What a disaster.
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