Why you shouldn't buy an Xbox One

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User Info: AxelPoe

4 years ago#41
I want to start of by saying I am not a fanboy of any side. I am still unsure which system to buy, since both have their ups and downs. Now, ecverything the TC said is nothing more then an opinion. Also he/she used the word "assume" and you know what they say about that. Everything and anything will always come with it's goods and bads, nothing is perfect in this world. So take the good you like the most that has the bad you can tolarate. My main point here is that go with what you like and enjoy it. Because while you're enjoying your system, others will still be having their silly console wars.
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User Info: kakarot-uchiha

4 years ago#42
i've been as critical as anyone about xbox ones flaws. but that was an extremely weak argument. i'm posting this from my ps3, which i think is by far the best console/set-top box to date. and you're statements still did nothing. since some of us took the time to read and comment would you mind bolstering your opinions. or at least say something really interesting or enthusiastic?

titanfall, warhammer meets mechwarrior. might be cool. ive wanted bf4 for a long time tho. then theres elder scrolls online...

User Info: masterchief6154

4 years ago#43
RykoLibre posted...
Last generation PS3 was the best system for single player games and 360 was the best system for multiplayer games (360 had the larger community and the better network making it the console of choice for many).

This generation the PS4 was released first and it is cheaper. From everything i've read; pre-order predictions, 3rd party predictions, it is going to be the PS4 that has the larger initial install base this generation. With Infamous, GoW, Last of Us, Uncharted, we can pretty much assume that Sony will win the single player crown again this generation, but now it looks like they will also have the larger community and also win the multiplayer crown.

Simply buying a $500 Xbox One because of a lone FPS being released next year (Titanfall) is not the best idea. You're going to be sitting for months with your xbox one while everyone else talks about the PS4. You're going to be bitter you spent that extra $100 for a device that the minority uses. The 720P graphic issues only bolster the pain. How stupid will you feel when Destiny is released and it absolutely blows Titanfall away? How are you going to feel when the best community for Destiny is on the PS4?

I was a 360 guy last generation. Times have changed. Sony has it right this generation. Sony has returned to its PS2 glory days. Xbox One is not the hot Christmas item this year. It is without a doubt the PS4.

The counter argument:

By your logic, we should all be sheep. The initial crowd all goes one way, so we should all follow. Not because we like the system better, or the features better, but because everyone else did. Sorry, but I like my system of choice. I think y'all should get an Xbox One. But I'm not against you getting a PS4 either. Just saying.

Also, the idea that there will be a "better" community on one system or another is obsolete. You can, and should, make enough friends on either console, and be able to play your games with no noticeable problems community wise. Seriously, who needs 2000 friends? I have 20-30, and I'm fine, lol

As for Destiny and Titanfall, those are two of the games I look forward to the most. Thing is, I already know my friends I already have plan on getting those games on the Xbox One, not the PS4. The controller is more natural for shooters, and there isn't a really noticeable drop off in graphics. Plus, I figure the developers that have more time for their games (Respawn, Bungie) will be able to make 1080p happen on the Xbox One.

Playstation may be headed to it's PS2 glory days, but I am not ready to say that the Xbox brand is going to take a huge hit. I think that once it's out, the Kinect 2.0 will win a lot of people over. The only way for it to do that is by word of mouth, since nobody will believe anything a reviewer says, let alone the company. Seriously, if IGN came out and said, "Kinect 2.0 is a waste of time," people would say they finally reviewed a Microsoft product fairly. And if they said the opposite, naming it a huge benefit to gaming and the Xbox One, people would call them liars, and say they've been bought. So I'm waiting for the real results to come in.

Long story made short, buy your console of choice because you like the features (Kinect, etc.) or the controller (asynchronous analog sticks feels nicer, etc.) or the games (Halo, Killzone, Ryse, Knack, etc.). Everything else (graphics, how many millions will be playing too, etc.) should be secondary.
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User Info: micheal82

4 years ago#44
Can you give me the powerball or megamillions numbers? I will share the winnings with you.
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User Info: crucial

4 years ago#45
it takes me 3 days to make enough to buy a X1 and I can give you a dozen reasons to buy a X1 but I could careless what people buy with there money,buy a Ouya if you wan't,I will spend all next weekend playing X1 and will not think of you or you're post once while enjoying new tech and next gen gaming with all my friends,thanks for thinking of me though.
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