I just realized I don't like first party games

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User Info: Xuande12

4 years ago#1
Something must be wrong with me, everyone fights over which console has the best exclusive games and after analyzing my own thoughts I just realized I like non exclusives exponentially more.

The ones I didn't think were amazing on the Xbox 360:
- Halo, I haven't enjoyed since the original Xbox
- Gears of War, boring
- Forza, I am done with simulation like racing games
(I can't think of anymore? I know I have played most of them though)

The one I do like:
- Fable II, love this game (who would've known?)
- Witcher 2 (but 3 will be on both systems)
- Alan Wake, I flippin LOVE this game

PS3 games I didn't think were amazing:
- Uncharted, overhyped and terrible shooting mechanics
- Infamous, meh.. Ok but gets repetitive
- Killzone, 2 was ok but otherwise average
- Gran Turismo, has to be the most boring of all boring racing games
- Heavenly Sword: a whole 5 hours and never played again but was fun
- Metal Gear Solid 4: SOOO BORING!
- God of War: It was ok but I wouldn't buy a console for it, ever.

The ones I did like:
- The Last of Us, thought it was great but not the most amazing game were like a lot of people say.
- Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls, good for one play through
- Little Big Planet, actually is a blast

So in conclusion, I am not a Xbot or a Sony Pony, I am a first party hate fan it would seem. Something is seriously wrong with me because you all love these games and am completely backwards. I guess we will see what is coming out for the next generation consoles because I may just buy one instead of two as it would seem I am a third party fanboy. /flameshieldup
RIP Rainbow Six (1998-2004).

User Info: Lordcrabfood

4 years ago#2
I agree with you to some extent, however some of those games are not 1st party.

User Info: Xuande12

4 years ago#3
Exclusives in that case is what I mean.
RIP Rainbow Six (1998-2004).

User Info: Cowboy082288

4 years ago#4
replace the words 'first party' with 'exclusive' in your post TC and remove FF 13 from your list.
PSN/XBL/Steam/iOS - cowboyoni

User Info: segagamer

4 years ago#5
ITT: Nintendo does not make 1st Party games.
Wii U+Xbox One :)
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