what games are you getting.. and who is not getting COD or BF4

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User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#1
im getting

dead rising 3
forza 5
lego marvel
killer instinct

all digital dl

the only disk I want is
Madden 25 or NBA Live or 2k

I used to love live for the controls but I see mixed reviews, but it does look good. I always felt 2k played ok but felt clunky to me.

my gut is saying just go with madden and be done but I also maybe want NBA.

I think im going to pass on BF or COD this year and just wait till Titianfall. I think in the end it will be better and worth waiting for.

User Info: alexismynamexx

3 years ago#2
BF4 is my reason to get an x1 day one.

Titanfall is my reason for an x1

Will get ghosts, nfs and Ac4 as well though.

Maybe Forza or ryse if I get some good trade ins.

User Info: calibus11

3 years ago#3
Battlefield 4

Dead Rising 3


Killer Instinct

User Info: GoonerByron

3 years ago#4
Definitely getting at launch... FIFA (Day 1 edition), Dead Rising 3, Killer Instict, Powerstar Golf

Will probably ask for Xmas... Ryse, Forza

May get in the future but probably not... Ghosts, BF4, AC4

User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#5
my launch is

dead rising
killer instinct maybe

for xmas

its madden 25 disk.

killer instinct digital
lego marvel digital dl

User Info: GnarKills

3 years ago#6
Please don't waste money on nba live. I haven't read a single good thing about it. I'm getting NBA 2K14 tomorrow along with my BF4 preorder.
GT - GnarKills Currently Playing - GTA5, Madden 25, CoD Ghosts, Disney Infinity
Waiting for my Xbox One w/ Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and BF4!

User Info: StevsWhatevs

3 years ago#7
FIFA and Forza for me. Will probably get Ryse and Assassin's Creed 4 before next month.
I remember my first beer.
Currently Playing: Mass Effect 2, FIFA 14, KH: Birth By Sleep

User Info: phoenix9291

3 years ago#8
I picked up ACIV today via 360 to One upgrade plan.
Downloading FIFA on Thursday night or Friday morning.

As of now I am not getting battlefield but I may later, never played any of the battlefields before. I will never be picking up cod. I played othe cod games in college with roommates but I have no interest in buying anymore cod games now or in the future.
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