IGN's uncut demo is pretty cool

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User Info: robert21

3 years ago#1

voice commands do see iffy but when they work it seems pretty cool
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User Info: FinzFan4life

3 years ago#2
to me when they where iffy it was an in correct command or spoke very quickly
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User Info: Alnilam81

3 years ago#3
It looked pretty cool. I want to have a hands on a figure out it's quirks. I think he's saying 'Xbox' and command too quickly at first. It seems like you need to say 'Xbox' to make it start listening for commands, then the command shortly afterwards. Which is why it was picking it up fine the second time he said stuff, as it was ready listening then.

It is kinda annoying that he was using incorrect commands at times which made it look worse than it should.

Guess I'll find out how well it work for me in 2 days!

User Info: MannerHatchery

3 years ago#4
FinzFan4life posted...
to me when they where iffy it was an in correct command or spoke very quickly

I'm noticing this with a few of the impressions/review videos. I've found myself thinking "have you never used voice recognition before"?
It could clearly be better though, and I'm assuming it will be with some updates.

User Info: StevsWhatevs

3 years ago#5
It sounds like you need a little pause after you say "Xbox" when you say something "Xbox go to settings." So its more like "Xbox...go to settings."
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User Info: PS2 4 Life

PS2 4 Life
3 years ago#6
The IGN guy really didn't know how to use the voice commands properly. Here is a voice command video from Gizmodo. They knew how to use it and it worked MUCH better. There was still some problems reading voice commands while they were playing their music. And the voice commands definitely did not work PERFECTLY! But, there are some impressive things that you can do with the Kinect voice commands. And could work amazingly well with a few software updates.

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User Info: zerooo0

3 years ago#7
Yea he did not know how to use the Kinect voice commands good. Not saying that their is no issues, as that would clearly be false, but he was saying proper commands but never would realize that when it did work it was because he was saying it a certain way. Like Xbox. Go to Dead Rising 3. Or something similar to the comments.
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User Info: Alnilam81

3 years ago#8
I also don't get people moaning that you need to say the full name of stuff, isn't it obvious you'll need to? Otherwise what would happen when a sequel comes out. Sure it might seem obvious right now what game you mean as there is only one title, but in 3 years time saying 'go to Dead Rising' or 'got to Forza' could mean any one of a host of games. Just look at Dead Rising on the Xbox 360, there are at least 4 different games (1, 2 and expansions) that all start with 'Dead Rising'.
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