Future XBOX ONE owners: What was your XBROS favorite memories with the XBOX 360?

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User Info: pistachio2888

4 years ago#11
where to begin Mass Effect 1 and 2, Halo 2 (my favorite MP in halo series) MW2 Forza 2 Assassins creed 1 and 2, Marvel ultimate alliance anytime it was a crappy rainy day on a weekend my friends would chill drink and play the crap out of it.
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User Info: YoYoHaHa

4 years ago#12
Just the whole Xbox Live / Dashboard experience. Until 360, the consoles i had didn't have a "home". They didn't have friend integration. Didn't have demos, arcade titles, tv shoes, game trailers.

They were just "stick a cart or disc in, play."

The 360 was a whole new experience for me, which is probably why I favor the Xbox brand to this day.
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User Info: Chanfan02

4 years ago#13
Mine would most likely be the first time I played Halo 3. My friends would all come over and we would either play split-screen or have them bring their consoles and LAN it up. Nothing beats playing Halo with a bunch of friends, especially custom games. Those were some good times.

Also the first time playing Gears 2 as well. I absolutely loved the online in that game and I still play it to this day.

Also I am a huge fan of the Skate games, so the first time I played Skate 1 I was blown away. Never has a skateboarding game used the joystick for all the tricks.
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User Info: Anakerie

4 years ago#14
Our wedding day. And of course the day 360 Jr. was born. We were so afraid he would rrod on us, but today he and our other 8 kids are healthy and happy.
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User Info: jasten

4 years ago#15
Playing Mass Effect in 07... maybe one of the first then next gen games to blow me away along with Uncharted that year. Then Tales of Vesperia in 08 and Dragon Age the next year. Those three games are not only great memories, but three of the all time greats in gaming history... I give MS all the props for having two of those more or less exclusive in some form. Too bad they let it all slip their fingers.. I want more experiences like that.

O, RDR MP with friends chasing a thunderstorm and the now GTA online with that same group... yeah, whoever says gamign can't be special... **** off.
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User Info: grampamurked

4 years ago#16
Rainbow Six Vegas & COD4
Xbox One on day one. Gonna miss my job, well not really.

User Info: J_Blake

4 years ago#17
Losing my RROD virginity

5.times. Jasper/Valhalla /can't remember the others
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User Info: ViruzFitia

4 years ago#18
Standing outside with my friends for the launch of Halo Reach and then rushing back in order to spend the next ten or eleven hours playing it.

User Info: tyger5419

4 years ago#19
Beating Ninja Gaiden 2 on mentor and master ninja mode. This game was
one of the hardest games to complete.
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