Need help, guys: Cheapest 12 month Xbox Live?

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User Info: FreedomSlave

4 years ago#1
I know, I know. I'm asking a dumb question, but does anyone have any special place they manage to find cheap Xbox Live cards/codes? The cheapest I've rounded up is $50 on Amazon, which is nice, but after everything I've spent on the system, I'd love to find one a wee bit cheaper.

Just checking before I drop $50. Any sales? Anywhere I might check specifically?

User Info: elmata316

4 years ago#2
As far as i know (if anyone can correct me) thats the cheapest you can get. I pay 60 anually for live and i am very please to be a member of the xbox community.

User Info: Millertime660

4 years ago#3
Do this.... there is a free 14 day card that comes with the system. Then wait and get a bunch of 3 month cards at target for 10 dollars the day after thanksgiving.

If you are in the US of course....

User Info: legend253

4 years ago#4
Where did you pre-order your console? Because I know that both GameStop and Best Buy are holding promotions where if you pick up a year of Live with your console, you save $20 dollars on it (the subscription).
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User Info: SwiftXZ

3 years ago#5
I waited till my Live ran out recently and saw an offer on my dashboard for Xbox Live for $3 a month, I only paid $36 for a full year.

User Info: Tomcat94

3 years ago#6
If you have paypal I could sell you an online code for $45. I ditched xbox lol
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  3. Need help, guys: Cheapest 12 month Xbox Live?

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