Instant Resuming / Run Multiple Games At Once?

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User Info: KazamaKojinrai

4 years ago#1
Proud new Xbox One owner here. From the Xbox One demos, I was under the impression that you could run multiple games at once and switch between them. I.e., you could search for a match in Killer Instinct while playing another game, and then switch back to Killer Instinct once you found a match.

Does anyone know how to do this, or if you can do this? I can freeze a game, go back to my dashboard and do stuff, then go back to the game and pick up right where I left off. However I'm wondering if I can do this with two games at once? It seems to me that if I open game-1, freeze it, then open game-2, if I go back to game-1 I'm back in the main-menu rather than where I left off, i.e., you can only instant-resume the last game you played.

Does anyone have any info on this?
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User Info: Council_of_Rage

4 years ago#2
Definitely not. Games take up too much RAM to run more than one at a time.
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User Info: CPike2003

4 years ago#3
I doubt it's multiple games, but multiple apps seems more likely.
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User Info: ArtisticChic

4 years ago#4
I think that's only if the games are digital
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User Info: MooseAttack911

4 years ago#5
It looks like the max is 2. Most apps load very quickly and go into a suspend mode when exited so they come back up even quicker. If you wanna multitask you can snap certain apps like TV or IE or Activity Feed while you do nearly anything else on the main side.
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User Info: KazamaKojinrai

4 years ago#6
I tried searching for a match in Killer Instinct and then I quickly backed out, went to dashboard, and started playing another game. A couple seconds later I got an invite to a match in Killer Instinct (it pops up). I joined it, but unfortunately Killer Instinct had to cold-boot from the main-menu and everything, which took a lot longer. I was hoping I could just instant-swap between them.

Apparently you cannot have two games running at once--when you start up one game, the last game you were playing must be cold-booted up from the beginning.

I hope they can add some feature in the future where you can suspend-resume multiple games at once--like dump the game's RAM onto the hard-disc when you suspend it and then load it off the hard-disc when you want to resume.
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