Is there really any problems

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User Info: bias2000

3 years ago#11
Got 3 in my household and all work just fine so I wouldn't worry too much but yes there's always a chance that you could get a dud one and remember it has 2 HDMI ports, I made that mistake but quickly sorted it out.
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User Info: th0mas5t0ne

3 years ago#12
The only problem would be all of the PS4 trolls here. Have two, zero issues, 6 or 7 friends got it last night and no one has issues. You'll love it.

User Info: 2NIKNIM

3 years ago#13
Jaroski25 posted...
RollnThunder213 posted...
So far the only consistent problem that has popped up with any frequency is the non functional disc drive. You won't need a warranty for that since you'll know as soon as you put a disc in.

If this happened I just tell ms and get a new one?

Jaroski25 posted...
I guess If it were to happen I just send it back or whatever no biggie. Or go back to where I got it.

I am confused by your complacency? This is something that consumers of any product should have to accept. If you pay good money for an item then it SHOULD perform its function.

Even if they do replace it, you should not resign yourself to this attitude already. Accept the 2nd unit of course, but be p****d man and let them know it! :)
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