Clicking static noise inside xbox?

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User Info: xGOOBx

4 years ago#1
I set up my xbox earlier today and once I installed the day one update it started this shrilling noise while updating, then after the update was finished it continued to make a clicking sound.

Now even after the Xbox is off its still making the crackling noise from within.

It updated fine, played games fine, and everything seems to be in working order.

Almost just sounds like a computer HDD trying to do something

Should I be worried?

User Info: TravisCombs

4 years ago#2
Is it your Xbox, or the power brick?

My Xbox is quiet when it's off, but the power brick is making faint "crackling" noises.
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User Info: jonny santos

jonny santos
4 years ago#3
I've got the same thing. I remember my original xbox makes the same sound but quieter. Strange how it stops when I start a game but returns after a few minutes on the home screens.

User Info: xGOOBx

4 years ago#4
It's not the power brick, the brick is about 3 feet away from the console.

I put my ear up to the Xbox itself and it's coming from right in the center.

Also, that's what it is doing for me also, just hopped on BF4 and it stopped but as soon as I home screened and turned it off it's making the sound.

I couldn't imagine trying to sleep with this ticking in my ear.

User Info: xGOOBx

4 years ago#5
Still ticking...

User Info: xGOOBx

4 years ago#6

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#7
mine makes a loud click every now and again.
could be hours apart before it does it again.

i thought it was the just the wood of my units expanding under heat.
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User Info: llsamuraill

4 years ago#8
Try unpluging for two minutes then plug back in and fire it up. Should reboot the drive,which is what is making the noise.
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User Info: xGOOBx

4 years ago#9
I unplugged it for 2 minutes and tried rebooting, still makes the shrilling noise but it has deffinently reduced the amount of ticking.

Still making noises though..actually now its making the shrilling noise instead of ticking.

Could this be a reason to get a new one?

User Info: Brparish3601

4 years ago#10
Mine is doing the same thing when i turn it off. Both the console and the brick. But at the moment im installing the digital version of Forza 5 so it could be the noise it makes when its installing something while in standby mode. Have you got antyhing intalling in the background?
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