sometimes kinect act, finicky?

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User Info: sockrox

3 years ago#1
Sometimes it works flawlessly... sometimes i have to repeat myself a couple of times.

Anyone else experience it?

It really isn't a big deal honestly, I don't mind because I still love it, just wondering if anyone else may experience a weird moment with kinect.

Another example is sometiems it WILL NOT " Go home"

haha, strange, but oh well.

User Info: legend253

3 years ago#2
Whenever someone else comes into the room, mine starts to act up. Like it's uncomfortable around someone it doesn't know very well.
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User Info: sockrox

3 years ago#3
I also need to realize that I need to say my commands louder.
I think that may be the problem.
(message deleted)

User Info: MGSFAN612

3 years ago#5
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