Not so hands free shut off.

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User Info: SectorStar

3 years ago#1
So I think its great that when I say "Xbox Turn Off" its supposed to shut the system off, yet all it does is being up the thing saying "are you sure you want to turn it off?" Unless I'm missing something, whats the point of a hands free command to shut the system off if I still have to use my hands to confirm turning it off?

User Info: Garbage_Day

3 years ago#2
Say, "yes".
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User Info: CasualNinja

3 years ago#3
Ummm, u just say Yes after that lol smh

User Info: sickie09ismine

3 years ago#4
Really? This is a serious question?
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User Info: sethgz

3 years ago#5
Maybe TC is like me; everytime I say yes it won't pick it up. The only other command it doesn't accept is "more shortcuts".
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