I deeply regret buy an Xbone... : (

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User Info: Sir_M0DAL0T

4 years ago#1
EDIT: *buying

It seems that PS4 won the console war, decisively

I feel dumb right now, having bought the losing console -___-


"C" stands for third class, cheap, and China.

User Info: Jedi454

4 years ago#2
Lol @ you for letting words on the internet make you regret your purchase.
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User Info: peephole303

4 years ago#3
I cant wait to see round 2.... However Microsoft does not have the best track record after launch

User Info: Cornbread4life

4 years ago#4
But at least you made your own decision like an adult. Now keep being an adult by not caring what other people think.
GT: Cornbread4life

User Info: Sir_M0DAL0T

4 years ago#5
"C" stands for third class, cheap, and China.

User Info: Raukue

4 years ago#6
You just enjoy what you chose, simple as that. But I mean if you were uninformed that PS4 was more for the gamer and Xbone was more about entertainment well... you should've read up. But then again, if you don't really play much games aside from CoD or Sport games, then Xbone should be fine for you.


That video. He seems to be a respected person of the gaming community. He has had hands on with both consoles, even met with Major Nelson in his home, in person, if you look at the previous video. So he got more insight and met the people behind the console to get a better feel of what they are trying to do and aiming for. Of course it is just his opinion and you don't have to agree with it nor change your console of choice.
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User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
4 years ago#7
Sir_M0DAL0T posted...
I feel dumb right now

Well... After making this topic...

User Info: DK DeathKnight

DK DeathKnight
4 years ago#8
Jedi454 posted...
Lol @ you for letting words on the internet make you regret your purchase.

Well I do saw 4 people in here recently saying they regret their PS4 purchase over an XB1, or falling for Ryse's hype, so I say that internet words can be powerful.
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User Info: tzuyd

4 years ago#9
Welp, I guess if you start saving now and trade it in or buy a PS4 outright by the time you can afford it there might be some more stuff out for it.

What exactly makes you regret your purchase anyway?
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User Info: BalmungTheAzure

4 years ago#10
When you're older you'll learn to have your own opinions about things. The X1 is fine, and so is the PS4. I'm incredibly happy I got the X1 first, as it seems to be the stronger launch console. I feel like the PS4 will get some awesome games next year though, so I'll buy one in March.
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