Xbox One sold better than PS4 in the first day

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User Info: Mairuzu

4 years ago#11
JusticeSword posted...
embrandedone posted...
TC didn't answer, he's obviously riling you guys up

Or hes doing that xbot thing, y'know,

-state something absurd & genuinely believe it
-be given an objective fact that conflicts with statement
-ignore anyone who states these facts & later on continue with the BS statements.

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4 years ago#12
cpcjlc3 posted...
Anyone with half a brain knows the PS4 is going to outsell the Xbone One initially.The PS4 is targeted at the core gamer while the Xbox is targeted at the casual gamer. Early adopters of consoles have always been core gamers. MS knew they weren't going to outsell Sony during the launch window. MS is going for the long haul. Casuals are a larger market and tend to have more disposable income. MS made a console that targets more of what casuals want.

Anyone who thought MS would outsell Sony on launch or compares NA sales against world sales is delusional. The true test is going to come later on in the life cycle of the consoles. And while no one can say for certain which console is going to "win" this generation, I don't think that Xbox will be a failure or PS4 will dominate nearly as much as a lot of people say it will.

Eff it I will just come out and say it....

I think everyone knows that deep down, Sony will win this generation. Simply too many things going in their favor and that is before you through history into the mix.

The TRUE question is will the Xbone be a failure or will it stay alive. THAT question I think is too early to answer.
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User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#13
y'all are so easily trolled
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User Info: Mindwipe77

4 years ago#14
TC cant be this dense....ps4 sold 1 mill in a day in 1 region while x1 sold a mill in 13 in a day
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User Info: iceman1685

4 years ago#15
So msoft sold 1 million world wide and sony sold that in just North America? last time i checked Sony owns Asia. who has the largest population in the world i will give you one guess.

so by the time sony releases in the rest of the world microsoft will have sold a few more units and sony will bury them.

i assume japan will sell 500k 1mil units in the first week alone

User Info: DisgaeaNut

4 years ago#16
Pupu27 posted...

It crossed the one million mark in less than 1 day =)). Anyone still dare to say that it's a flop?

Many people bought out the Day One edition to get a limited version of console, achievement that may one day grant them freebies and to resell at a huge markup.

Launch lineup is horrid and system is more expensive, has hardware issues and doesn't sell in a major market. That all tells me itll eventually fall way behind Ps4.


4 years ago#17
Ms shipped more units quicker. As a device thats going to sell out this holiday. Victory is certain. Congratz to our Xbox overlords in the next 8 gears of unchallenged domination.

User Info: Zmapper33

4 years ago#18
Actually, both consoles win if it is a close fight. It is only when one outsells the other by a huge margin that you'll be able to say one beat the other because at that point is when the one that has outsold the other will get all the third party exclusives and from there be dominant. If they are both really close in user base then it'll all even out in the end because they'll have nearly the same games and features and PC will come along and be better in 2-3 years with much of the same games. It is all about user base margin to truly have a winner so they can get more exclusives.

User Info: LEGEND_725

4 years ago#19
lol ps3.5 fans so salty that they trolled all year yet their inferior budget system is selling the same being $100 cheaper
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User Info: MrZone

4 years ago#20
LEGEND_725 posted...
lol ps3.5 fans so salty that they trolled all year yet their inferior budget system is selling the same being $100 cheaper

Try better
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