See what happens when you easily hand over money for DLC?

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User Info: Minamo

3 years ago#71
Forza 5:
200 cars (300 less than its predecessor)
No Nürburgring
No weather
No day/night cycle
Have to rebuy $100+ racing wheel
$50+ of DLC at launch

Why would you buy this **** over GT6? Honestly?

User Info: Decimator11

3 years ago#72
I'm going to throw my hat on the waffle side of the fence.

User Info: TheDarkone21

3 years ago#73
ThePaleRiderp posted...
People people please... the answer is clearly ihop pancakes with bacon, eggs, sausage, a biscuit, and your choice of beverage. Kids these days. Seems the glory days of breakfast are over.

IHOP you say? Where do you think I found out about the Red Velvet pancakes w/ cream cheese icing? And of course I'm getting the fixins with it! Who only eats pancakes? Weirdos, that's who!

NinjaPirateDood posted...
Red Velvet pancakes w/cream cheese icing sounds like the greatest thing ever conceived.

I know right! Good thing it's totally real and awesome! Why are you not out getting some right now?!?

-Erika- posted...

That sounds absolutely disgusting.

With all due respect, go kill yourself. How can these lovely babies be anything other than THE GREATEST PANCAKES EVER?
The of Dark Souls.
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User Info: ThunderPotato

3 years ago#74
BadLuckInc posted...
You vote with your dollar. If people don't like it, then don't pay for it. People do like it, so they buy it. When companies aren't getting money, they change their way. Simple =)

Doesn't work. Ever. Idiots outnumber the intelligent.
I love you.

User Info: nickr2d2

3 years ago#75
TheDarkone21 posted...
jrr18 posted...
1. "DLC" has been around since the early 90's in the form of expansions.

2. it was pretty clear forza was shipping half done to make launch.

3.If you really thought they would patch all the content they cut to make release back in for free you deserve a half done game

4. Not all DLC is a cash grab some of it is worth the price

5. At least they don't have subscription fees for the online in addition to xbox gold

6. Red Velvet pancakes w/cream cheese icing are the best pancakes.

I agree with everything you said except for #6 so I Fix'd it. :p

Thank you for fixing the error. #6 is now perfect.
"In my country, Battlefield hacks you" -Battlefield Friends

User Info: BeefEaster

3 years ago#76
Decimator11 posted...
I'm going to throw my hat on the waffle side of the fence.


they have syrup pockets


I play with dolls:

User Info: OZ_Archangel

3 years ago#77
gatz900 posted...
everyone in this topic is dead wrong.

crepes > pancakes

Not according to Ricky Bobby hed rather have a broken arm than say that. Murica :p
"Why do you hesitate to extend the power of Macedon - your power"-Alexander The Great

User Info: Foxx3k

3 years ago#78
I don't mind paying for additional content.

I do not consider what is done in Crimson Dragon, Forza, or Ryse to be additional content.
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