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User Info: psprulz2007

4 years ago#1
So in my long wait for next gen to start (for me) Ive been combing through the interwebs trying to snatch up every single piece of info I can find. I know its a couple weeks old. But

at the bottom of the page is an "un-cut" video of the general use of the Xbox One. Obviously Kintect being a huge aspect of the system. I have a couple questions.

How big is the Kinect in the Xbox One experience? I mean its obviously a big aspect and it seems like its the center on the "experience", but can a person enjoy their xbox one to the fullest without the use of Kinect? Or is Kinect something that truly adds a great layer to the system?

Secondly how much improved is the Kinect compared to the video? Obviously its fairly new, the system just launched and its not going to be perfect. But 99.9% of the time (in this video) the guy had to repeat himself at least once in order to get the command to work. Sometimes its was due to his own fault for not correctly saying a command. (which I understand its a system you need to adapt to and learn to use correctly)

But how much improved is the voice command compared to this video? How well does it work for YOU? Do you enjoy it?

Its well known that the Xbox One costs $100 more then the PS4 and its do in part to being shipped with Kinect. So the simple "if you don't like it don't use it" response is invalid since my money is being spent towards it period. Im not able to buy the X1 without a Kinect and save myself money. So the way I see it if Im buying a X1 which is forced bundled with Kinect the Kinect has to be worth every penny as well as the system itself.

So I get that its still a work in progress. Im fine with keeping an open mind to having to learn the commands and adapt to quirks and little odd kinks in the system. Im just not sure Im completely sold on the experience of Kinect.

So Im just wondering, IF I was to come across money RIGHT NOW and could get ahold of a system RIGHT NOW, would I be completely satisfied with the system ad Kinect experience? Or would it better to wait a couple months and let the kinks be worked out or maybe even a cheaper SKU without a Kinect?

Looking at the Wii U (and Vita) Ive been burned on jumping in to soon. Im still very interested in the X1 and I do plan on owning one in the future (id be a fool to miss out on the great games coming) But im just wondering if the entire experience is worth the $499 price tag RIGHT NOW.
GT/PSN- Feelinkorny
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