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User Info: strawberry11

3 years ago#11
Izraeil posted...
DelRowe posted...
Rybal posted...
What's really interesting about this comparison is that they give the edge to the PS4 version, despite their statements that the X1 version has the overall more stable framerate. For an FPS especially, wouldn't more stable fps be better for the game overall than the difference in graphics?

That's true, but the framerate difference doesn't seem to be as notable as the difference in the visual quality. If you look at the Xbone side, you can see an awful shimmering effect (not sure what the technical term for that is) that isn't present in the PS4 version.

I guess it's not considered a big deal, cause the FPS dips are only present in the Campaign when a lot is going on. But how the game looks is is something you'll be staring at all the time.

also, the article explicitly says that the juddering on the PS4 version isn't anywhere as prevalent or noticeable as some other internet 'comments' would have you believe.
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