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User Info: KingVee

3 years ago#1
Just got a Xbox One today. Just wanted to know what games I should get. I've been thinking about BF4. Anything else?
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User Info: segamaster316

3 years ago#2
Download Killer Instinct as soon as possible.
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User Info: shads3055

3 years ago#3
Forza. Killer instinct. Dead rising. And ryse. Don't by 3rd party games

User Info: Apex-Player

3 years ago#4
buy xbox exclusive titles until you can get a ps4 for multiplat games, if you wont be buying ps4 go with COD
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User Info: Massillon_G

3 years ago#5
segamaster316 posted...
Download Killer Instinct as soon as possible.

User Info: Bigdaddy422

3 years ago#6
I literally own every game. Here are the ones i enjoy the most.

Forza 5, great to race against friends splitscreen and a great racer overall. Stunning graphics and great use of triggers.

Killer Instinct. Another fun game. I finally have gotten the flow of it down, somewhat, an it is fast and fluid.

Ryse is a gorgeous game. Was turned off by reviews but got it anyways. It is alot of fun. Sure its a hack and slash, but the combat is great, executions are brutal, and the multiplayer has been alot of fun.

Dead Rising 3 is not breathtaking in the graphics department. Its a slight upgrade over current gen, but the insane amount of zombies, open world, and no loading make up for it. Havnt really played to much, i guess thats what sucks about buying so many games.

NBA 2k is lifelike. Ultilizes the triggers in a cool way.

COD sucks. Stay away from it. Huge maps filled with so much crap, awful spawn system, and just lackluster in the graphics department.

Zoo Tycoon is pretty fun, my son loves it, a nice change of pace.

Battlefield 4 is a great choice. The destruction is top notch, graphics are great, and gamemodes are fun.

Just Dance is a great party game. Reads your movements perfectly, and is the game i find myself playing the most, strangely, as i have had alot of people come over lately, an my wife loves playing it.

If i had to choose 3 games, it would be Just Dance, BF4 and DR3. Swap Just Dance with Ryse if you dont like those type of games

My favorite thing on the Xbox, btw, is Xbox Fitness

User Info: KentF

3 years ago#7
I can personally really recommend both Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon.

However, it should be noted that they primarily appeal to players that are big fans of their respective genres, though Killer Instinct is actually super-easy to get into for a fighting game (and the dojo is amazing at teaching you not only the core game mechanics, but strategies for approaching different situations and concepts that you're expected to only know about or consider if you're following the fighting genre metagame already).

I'm a huge fan of rail shooters (Panzer Dragoon, StarFox, Sin & Punishment, etc.), so Crimson Dragon is right up my alley. Though I'm loving Killer Instinct, I think I'm having more fun with this title overall, just because I'm not personally huge on ranked PvP gameplay in general, and the only single-player modes KI has at launch are standard Versus CPU and Survival. Having played through the game and replayed a lot of it, I honestly cannot see why the game's reviews are so low. Most of their criticisms are generally extreme hyperbole, if not outright unfounded.

Those are the only two I have, and I highly recommend them both. Dead Rising 3 looks like a lot of fun though, and one of my buddies has been playing it constantly, and seems to be loving every minute of it.
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