Sales DON'T F****ING MATTER, God

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User Info: oORyuumaruOo

3 years ago#191
In my mind, I read the title in Randy Marsh's voice.
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User Info: pedrovay2004

3 years ago#192
ChevelIe posted...

Uh, this is how business works, dude. Money and sales are literally everything. Just because you like something more doesn't mean everyone else does, and if no one else does, then it's going to suffer. Sales make all the difference in the world.

User Info: coolguy02

3 years ago#193
If the reverse had happened you bet TC would have been texting his friend with the exact same statements.

User Info: DesperateMonkey

3 years ago#194
savagechild89 posted...
DesperateMonkey posted...
rpgguy999 posted...
Last Generation: Haha! 360 is selling much more than PS3! In your face Sony fanboys!

Current Generation: Well...f*ck.

Do Ponies really have to lie about this kind of stuff just so they have something to argue? Xbox was never outselling PS3. It was equal to PS3. Kids these days forget exactly how the console landscape looked prior to this. The big issue with PS3 was how it lost its dominance after PS2 and how it lost incredible amounts of money for Sony.

are you kidding? the 360 was destroying the ps3 at first. the ps3 picked up sales when they introduced the slim, rebranded it and got the "it only does everything" ad rolling out. up till then the 360 had a good 10+ million on it.

Wow, you are incredibly ignorant and pulling numbers out of your ass. PS3 has sold more than the Xbox 360 every year since it came out until LATER on when the Xbox got a discount. When was this 10 million lead? It must have been extremely brief or non-existent. Do ponies just make up stories and then pretend thats what Xbox fans say? Seems like the theme of this topic.
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User Info: nonamesleft12

3 years ago#195
lulzzzz.. for the first 3-4 years microsoft had a dominant lead, this is an indisputable fact. I owned both from day one and sony was in such a rut that they lost a crap load of exclusives in the beginning.

On topic, its too early to say who is going to fail, both consoles will have revamped versions in less than 2 years and who knows which console is going to get the must have exclusives for this gen.

User Info: SaintFC_

3 years ago#196
Ask the Sega Dreamcast if console sales matter. Not saying the X1 is Dreamcast standard but sales do matter.
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User Info: yutterh

3 years ago#197
Me and my friend were having a nice debate then he went off the handles and said I never played the system and the internet doesn't always tell the truth blah blah blah. So I called him a xbot and he lost his **** lol lol lol
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User Info: Spetsnaz420

3 years ago#198
I find the physcology behind thos to be very fascinating...while its true nobody arguing for sales has any kind of real affiliation with the products or companies at hand, it seems they do actually have an emotional investment.

Take sports teams for example. You get nothing if they win or have the worst season ever. Yet people argue and even hurt each other physically over another persons sports team preference. This is really no different from my standpoint.
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User Info: Teremei

3 years ago#199
GEE just play your xbone for heaven sake ****!!
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User Info: NSGraphite

3 years ago#200
"Sales DON'T F****ING MATTER, God"

Tell that to the Saturn and the Dreamcast.

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