Xbox One Exclusive Bundle available now at Gamestop

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User Info: Tigerkumaru

3 years ago#11
Funny part one of the bundles is sold out
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User Info: wiiman17

3 years ago#12
Any idea on when these will ship? It is sold out now, but I ordered on 12/1..

User Info: Shiro-RedWind-

3 years ago#13
staticxtreme5 posted...
It's just a dirty underhanded tactic of selling a product in limited supply for maximum profit without looking like they are jacking the price up on the system. It's basically saying "ok guys we only have a hundred Xboxs in supply. Were only gonna sell them to the people that also buy a couple games and a controller from us as well so we can make even more profit of that limited amount of systems."

It should be illegal to be honest.

I don't really see how it's underhanded when you were more than likely going to buy these games and their peripherals either on the same day as getting the console or later. The only thing people find wrong about it is that it is not cheaper. If it was cheaper, you would not have anything to say, it would not even be underhanded to anyone.

It's just like someone else in this topic said earlier Bundle =/= Savings. They are a company, it's not like they are going to put too much thought into saving you that much money. As far as Microsoft goes they are selling bundles too, but they save you like what, 50 to 70 dollars off? Which still matters piddle at the end because of shipping charges and stuff.
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