What games do you think will be shown at the spike VGAs this year?

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  3. What games do you think will be shown at the spike VGAs this year?

User Info: jellybeanmaster

3 years ago#11
definitely want to see quatum break. the tv tie in has me worried though :/

User Info: Foxx3k

3 years ago#12
I think we can go ahead and confirm we'll see a bunch more boring CGI teasers for a bunch of games that are a year or two away.
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User Info: magiceddie05

3 years ago#13
are the VGA's still on spike this year ? it is not listed on saturday for my dvr. it just says cops all night.

User Info: WeirdShroom

3 years ago#14
I want to see more of Sunset Overdrive.
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User Info: SL_Tops10

3 years ago#15
sweetbloods posted...
I am holding out hope that the Fallout 4 rumors are true. Maybe just maybe we will see something like that.
GT: SL Tops10

User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

3 years ago#16
kenpachi99 posted...
If we do get info on fallout 4 I hope that it uses the leveling system from skyrim.

I like the leveling system of Fallout 3 better than Skyrim
I think TES should continue the Skyrim leveling system while Fallout should continue with the more traditional leveling system. Plus it works better with the SPECIAL that is detrimental to Fallout
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User Info: RollnThunder213

3 years ago#17
Besides Titanfall and Quantum Break, I'd love to see more Halo. Even if it's only just another teaser clip.

I'm thinking Black Tusk's game will be 2015 so as not to compete with Halo, so I don't see much coming out of there just yet unfortunately.

I'd love a reveal for a Halo Wars 2 :P
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  3. What games do you think will be shown at the spike VGAs this year?

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