Xbox One vs. PS4 in the UK sales data starting to come in

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User Info: WeirdShroom

4 years ago#151
OandA_Pest posted...
WeirdShroom posted...
OandA_Pest posted...
baodeus posted...
Man some people on here have no critical thinking skills or vision, coup with poor reading comprehension for that matter.

Going digital open up alot of opportunity for the game industry.
- game developers save alot of money from disc manufacturing and distribution cost -> cheaper game (look at steam) since people complain that $60 is too much for disc base game. How else can developers recouperate development cost which has increase 100 folds and will keep going up with more complicated tech while maintaining low price?

- there can be many different model that you can implement with digital that u can't do with a disc.
1. You can still sell/lend out your game to anyone and anywhere (this is exactly what MS was trying to do if you actually listen, which many people just go ape sh... With DRM without knowing it in detail). Go back and read actual interview and details instead of all the rumor fuss on the internet from miss informed individual.
2. You can also do digital renting (open up more venue for game rental services)
3. you have direct access to your contents no matter where u go (given u need internet)
4. You dont have to go to middle man to get your contents (It seems people on here love Gamestop for some reason). You always have direct access to them.

You know something? You're right.

Wanna know something else? Microsoft went about this idea very poorly.

Regardless of the fact that you agree with him and not me on the exact same thing showing you have no real knowledge of this yourself and are only here to argue or be convinced, instead of discuss with knowledge already intact.....

Wrong. Going all-digital could have been a good idea for most folks, but the always-online thing is a problem that Ms would have had to work past, and they didn't give a ****. When you have to be always online even to just play a single-player game, that's poor.

When you think the way to the digital gaming age is by enforcing stupid restrictions on people, that's poor.

When you think the way to the digital gaming age should include forced kinect 2.0 which is needed for your console to even turn on, ___________.

Fill in the blank, pal.

They changed that stuff to 24 hour check in and Kinect not being needed to plug in. To authenticate a game there has to be a check in, or the whole system falls apart.
That obviously didn't do any good though and it still got trashed.
GT: BxB402 - " A little trolling now and then is relished by the wisest men."

User Info: yutterh

4 years ago#152
So because we wanted the option to use physical media, not have to always be online or check in every 24 hours like Microsoft is our parents, didn't want to be forced to have a kinect and any other stupid thing they had they couldn't give us the cool stuff they were gonna do for digital media? They are like little toddlers that couldn't get what they wanted. Threw a fit and broke things that were fine. Ya know I was wondering about why I was pissed off and now I remembered. Never gonna buy a Xbox now. Thanks for reminding not to buy it later down the road.
Good news everyone! - Hubert Farnsworth
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