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User Info: Kid_Wreck

3 years ago#31
It turns out that Frank Sinatra didn't really die...
He's just a little stiff from an overdose of Viagra.

User Info: fuzzdaman

3 years ago#32
Love how everyone is using the same Sinatra jokes page from Google.
"Yeah...well...that's just like...your opinion man."

User Info: Kefkas_Revenge

3 years ago#33
Character battle fatal four way

Frank Sinatra vs Brandon Weeden vs Richard Karns vs Chuck Norris

Tale of the tape:

Frank Sinatra 5 foot 9....famous lounge singer.....only second to babe Ruth in NYC. Special move.....spreading the news.

Brandon Weeden....6 foot 4....quarterback....benched 3 times.....always comes back like a stray cat.....special move, the Weeden Flip Pass.

Richard Karns 5 foot 10.....home improvement icon.....can fix anything....special move can get any family to feud.

Chuck Norris 5 foot 8...... Needs no introduction.

User Info: Kefkas_Revenge

3 years ago#34
Here's a joke

Why did Frank Sinatra have a paper route......

To spread the news.

I made it up....originality should count.....Titan fall here I come!
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