So did MS sale more consoles in it's first week....

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User Info: NSGraphite

3 years ago#31
Kupo_Mog_Kupo posted...

Yep. beat the 360 launch. yet, still being crushed by the ps4 (and apparently the psp, lol). we are well on track to complete and total sony domination this generation. a new gaming golden age to rival the godly ps2 is nigh......

In order to get close to PS2 level dominance would mean MS would have to go way way way way way backwards in terms of consoles sold. Yet they are selling more at the start than they did before(even at 500.00). Sony is too. It's obvious Sony will do better worldwide(Japan won't buy Xbox One regardless) but it isn't going to be PS2 level dominance unless MS just quits.

Once its clear how much superior the ps4 is than the limp ex-bone, then the smart gamers will drop the xvcr like a bad habit and adopt the obviously superior ps4. it wont take long for the ps4 to completely dominate the market, totally edging out microshaft, leaving but only a small gamecube like slice of the pie for nintendo. then the 3rd gaming golden age will be upon us.

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User Info: godslayer61

3 years ago#32
PyschoRaiden posted...
WeirdShroom posted...
I call into question the UK's credibility on this.

The PSP is the fastest selling console there....really? That prettymuch discredits them right there.

I live in the UK and I only know 1 guy who has a PSP (and well, I own one too), but it wasn't at launch. Dunno how the heck it was the fastest selling console.

because you and your 20 friends equal the entire uk
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User Info: peephole303

3 years ago#33
NSGraphite posted...
Considering that in the UK, the one territory outside of north america where the xbox 360 sold big, the ps4 just broke the previous launch record, which was held by the psp, no, the xbone isnt anywhere near outselling the ps4. heck it couldnt even beat the psp!!!

PS4 fan here.. But mind you the PSP's record was per first week.... Xbox could have outsold it day one
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