DSP - "Do not get this game 3/10" on Ryse

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User Info: Winnsock

3 years ago#21
Ryse is not a bad game. 6.5/10 imo. I probably wouldn't buy it if it came out when there are more games available, but it's fun and a good launch title. Graphics, voice acting and cut scenes are all superb, it's just missing a little something in the gameplay department, but what gameplay it has is by no means bad.
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User Info: lv54spacemonkey

3 years ago#22
Isn't he the guy that has a rep of being a sore loser in some games and cutting the losses from his uploads that were on the original stream?
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User Info: ExempliGratia

3 years ago#23
I have the luxury of playing RYSE with a clean conscience because my GF spent the money to buy it. With that being said I feel it's a solid 7. Fun combat once you understand that it isn't about mashing it's about timing. It just gets repetitive real quick. Like 2nd chapter quick. They need WAY more executions or something. More weapons.
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User Info: josh924

3 years ago#24
I still don't know who the hell DSP is, but it seems to me like TC is the only person here hanging on his every word.
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User Info: SgtGalaxy

3 years ago#25
BigSnappaX posted...
not even gonna bother going to the link, 3/10 screams fanboyism and a clear idiot... i actually have this game and i give it no less than an 8/10! I'm on my 3rd play-through on legendary difficulty, and still loving it... oh, and I love the multi-player too. DSP or whoever is clearly needs some attention, and has proved he is nothing more than an idiot and a fanboy... He probably wishes this game was on PS4. lol. Dont post this crap on these boards anymore plz, thx.

He ripped on killzone SF foor pretty much the same reasons
this game is about winning, If you had the option of a 1) Big d*** or 2) a small d***, would you choose 2 because it took more skill? Thought not"
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